Everything You Need to Know About Space Heaters

Space heaters are one of the most useful tools for keeping costs low during cold winter nights. A space heater enables the user to turn off the heater for the whole house, and just heat one or two rooms at a time. Space heaters are very useful, but it can be hard to decide which type of heater to purchase and use.

When purchasing a space heater there are several different criteria to use in decision making before you can choose the best space heater for you. These categories are:

- Size

- Heat output

- Budget

- Safety

- Temperature

- Labels

The size of the space heater is very important. The larger the room, the larger you want the heater to be. There is a formula for figuring out how many BTUs you need your heater to produce. Multiply the height times the width times the length of the room. Then multiply that number by 3. That number is how many BTUs you need to heat the room effectively. The best space heater for each room will have the right amount of BTUs for the space.

When you go to the store to look at space heaters ask someone at the store if they can turn on the heaters for you. That way you can see how far the heat is produced, and how hot the surfaces get. The best space heater models also have temperature control so that you can set a temperature for the room and the heater will keep the room at that temperature. This will save money because the heater will not have to run constantly.

Decide how much you want to spend on your space heater. The cheapest space heaters are electric. More expensive heaters are made from propane and natural gas. When you know your budget beforehand then it will be easier to make your final decision. It is also important to check the labels on any heater before purchasing. Try to get a heater that has an energy saver label on it. You also want a heater that has a UL label, which means it has been inspected by the Underwriter's Laboratories.

Safety is also extremely important when choosing a space heater. Since the heater will most likely be on while you are asleep, it is crucial that the heater is completely safe. Some safety categories to watch out for are:

- Make sure the heater is placed at least three feet from any other objects at all times.

- Keep the heater away from water.

- Unplug the heater when not in use.

- Do not use around combustible materials such as gas, oil, or fires.

- Do not use a space heater with an extension cord. This raises the chance of fire.

- Keep children and babies away from the heater.

The final aspect to consider when purchasing a space heater is design. There are many different designs of heaters, and there are also many different types of heaters. The different heat sources of the heaters have a lot to do with the design. Electric heaters come in many different designs. Some of the most common shapes are square or circular. Propane and natural gas heaters are usually rectangular. They are usually smaller than the electric heaters. Infrared heaters are also usually rectangular or square. Most space heaters are designed more for function than beauty, so there are not very many models that are attractive. Oil space heaters usually look like an accordion. Most original heaters were run by oil.

Using the tips in this article should help you determine what the best space heater is for you and your family. Remember to always use the heaters safely and in the way they were built to be used.

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