Do You Have Ideas for Decorating Old Plastic Milk Jugs and Laundry Detergent Bottles?

Foil wrap is good or metalic flower container wrap will look nice. You can then attache different things on them (Plastic decorations). And there you have it

1. Can i fill milk jugs with water and use them as weights?

using them as weights is only HALF the problem. you also have to take amino acids (L ornithine and/or L-arginine) and eat protein shakes while working out. Give yourself 6 months doing it. The results are quite amazing.

2. What can dogs have for a toy?

2 liter pop bottles & milk jugs good for big dogs


Make sure your kitten can not fit the marble into its mouth. If it can not , then it is completely safe! Some other toys that are fun for the kitten are cardboard paper towel rolls, a ball of news paper, store-bought toys (although really not nescessary-your kitten wo not notice the difference between expensive toys and toys made at home,, bouncy balls, or the plastic ring from milk jugs. Also be sure to provide a scratching post! Do not give your kitten string, rubber bands, small buttons, and ribbon. This can cause him to choke, or if it manages to swallow it it will most likely need surjery to remove it. Also remember to not let the kitte play with your hand. When you do this, you are encouraging her to be aggresive towards you. His/her little teeth and claws may not hurt now, but they will later! Good luck!

4. How can I sterilize a milk jug?

Reuse Milk Jugs

5. Have you used the new square milk jugs yet?

Square jugs are NO GOOD in any situation

6. Working out with a backpack and milk jugs?

It does not matter where the weight comes from, it's still weight and it's taxing the muscles. This is a good way to pack on some mass. Eventually as you become stronger, you will need more weight, which you would then have to head to a gym to provide. More important than the weights for packing on muscle is nutrition. you should be consuming roughly 1 g of protein per pound of body weight, evenly spaced throughout the day. as old as it sounds, make sure you eat your vegetables, and consume enough dairy. Water consumption should also be roughly 64 oz/day (1 gallon) have fun!

7. is it safe to let cats play with the plastic cap lock things from milk jugs?

YES its very very harmfull get your cat a few cat toys

8. Science fair project help? grade 6!! Need creative minds please?!!?

milk jugs with hole cut for the different diameter balls filter out ping pong balls 1st then dump remains into 2nd pail, construct tubes from paper towel rolls for ping-pong balls to roll down to 1st pail

9. Birthday Gifts Ideas? Help! ASAP!?

use milk jugs

10. Why isn't heavy whipping cream sold in gallon milk jugs?

William,The reason is just economic. There is very little market demand for large containers of whipping cream. Once the carton is opened it only keeps for 3-5 days, and very few folks can use up more than a pint of whipping cream in only 5 days. It is sold in quarts in some markets, but the only really large containers are sold in 1/2 Gallon (2 liter) cartons or in plastic bags of 2 gallon or larger size, for Food Service or to small ice-cream stores that churn their own ice cream.

11. plastic parts that come of everyday things are very good building blocks to make recycled items?

I use tops of things like milk jugs, soda bottles shampoo bottles almost any kinds of caps for my kids. They will stack them, use them for counting almost anything. They call them unstructured items. They use them in schools too mostly the preschool age.

12. Why was ANN Coulters face REJECTED on bordon milk jugs?

Why would they use Ann Coulter's face? I did not think horses a*sses gave milk

13. Why do people put empty milk jugs full of water around their front yard?

because they believed it would scare away the moles, but maybe just to water the yard

14. HELP!!!!! cant get my turtle tank water to stay clear?

you definitelty answered your own question!! Yes, take the foam out!! stop putting all of those chemicals in there also! Also, are you using water from your faucet? If so, stop! go get some water from the store You can get gallons for like 89cents a piece. also do you have a test kit for your water? you should definitely get one. At walmart in the fish section, you can get a 5 N 1 Test sstrips. Has 25 strips in it. They cost about $12 but def worth it. It test the nitrate, ph level, hardness and alkalanity of your water. The best thing to do is completelyt dump out all of your water. Until you can get to the store, just lower the water as much as you can so you can take out the foam piece. Do you have a Walmart near you? They are sooooooo much cheaper than pet stores! or go on ebay! you can do the buy it now and pay right away through paypal, let the seller know you really need it asap, and you will have it in like 2 days. seriously! I sell on ebay for a living. go to the pets sections, they have a section on turtles. then search till you find the one you want. if you see one on auction click the drag down up top and put it on "ending soonest" or click on the buy it nows, I guarantee you will find ALOT of them to choose from. and get a good price if you just take a look around. do not buy the first one you see. But i you do use ebay, you HAVE to have a paypal account first, thats the only way you can pay on ebay. Or check out some of the petstores online of whatever one is closest to your home. LIke for instance, I have petco and petsmart near me, you can look on there and see what they have, and then hopefully they will have it in the store. But if your snowed in, do ebay! but in the meantime, just change your water. If you cant get to the store. find whatever containers you can , fill them up with water and let it sit for 24 hours. Thatss what I do for all of my fish tanks/ I just use milk jugs. I fill them up and just sit them somewhere in the corner so whenever I need to add water, its there ready to go. If you ever drink the Hawaiian Punch in the big jugs, their really good to reuse for water. Also you could be putting in too much conditioner,, or how old is the bottle of conditioner? If your seeing piece of that foam, its probably that. But like I said, it could be your water, or a combination of it. If you have city water, theres so much junk it that, chlorine, etc etc etc. some kind if chemical in the water could be mixing with the paint or whatever coming off that foam. Can you completely scrap all of it off? OR do you have some big ziploc bags that you could completely cover it up with? or take one of thoe plastic bags you get from the grocery store, wrap it completely around it, tight! so no water can get into it. that way he can still climb up on it until you get a new one, and this time get the all plastic one! but if you can wrap some kind of plastic around it, that would be your best bet, and then change the water. also make sure the water isn; too warm. Anyways, good luck and I hope my advice will help ya out!! ('.//(*_*).')::: Stacey

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How Can You Add Muscle to Your Arms with No Weights?
How Can You Add Muscle to Your Arms with No Weights?
besides pushups you can do chair dips, if you need weight use something else like milk jugs or anything else heavy. Get creative, there are lots of things to do1. How can I keep my dog cool?1) Get your dog shaved down with a 7 blade or reverse 5 blade (tell your groomer this) 2) Fill up some soda bottles or milk jugs with water, freeze them and let him lean against these to keep him cooler. 3) Hose him down in cool water, let him lay on some wet towels, and/or have a fan blowing (not directly) on him, but in his general direction. 4) Put ice cubes in his water, or you can let him have some cubes as *treats* keep your dog hydrated! Heatstroke can be deadly!2. What can you recycle in Glendale Arizona?Yes you can I googled Glendale Arizona recycling and I found your local recycling site. It has pictures that show paper with writing on it, so it looks like you can. Maybe you can also get your mom to phone them and ask them if she does not believe it.cfm Just click on the what is recyclable? and you will see the following list with pictures. Recycling - What is Recyclable? Paper: Newspaper and mixed paper, including advertising inserts, magazines, junk mail, catalogs, brown paper bags and telephone directories. It also shows you can recycle the following items: Cans: Aluminum and steel/tin, for example beverage cans, clean foil and foil baking pans, soup or vegetable cans. Plastic Containers: PET or #1 plastic containers and HDPE or #2 plastic containers, such as water bottles, soda bottles, milk jugs, detergent and fabric softener bottles. NO plastic bags. Boxes: Cardboard and chipboard, empty of all packing materials and broken down; for example, corrugated boxes, cereal, cracker and cake mix boxes (without inserts).3. Planning a SMALL wedding , help!!?Dear Private, first please try to chill, this is special and you want to enjoy it. As for making the ceremony last a bit longer, I like Psalms 103 or the site I am listing below had beautiful poems/readings that were a fairly good size, not your 6-8 inch lines. ****has so many you will have to just pick a few at random As for the cake a 6 inch pan serves 6-8 people. An 8 inch pan serves 12-15 people An 10 inch pan serves 30 people So if you had a 6 or 8 on top of a ten you would have plenty. However, unless you want a tiered cake, many grocery chains have good bakery departments like Publix, you can check around. A 1/4 sheet cake serves from 12-20 depending on size cut. (The size of a birthday cake) and this would look more like a wedding cake, most gs bakeries do not do rounds any larger than 8 inches. A 1/2 sheet cake serves 20-40 depending on size cut. You could go with the 1/4th sheet cake and have them put a round 6 or 8 inch on top and this would be very pretty For my MIL's 70th birthday think we invited 50 and I know (senior memory) we had at least 35 attending and we had a 1/2 sheet cake which was beautiful and there was cake left over, so to me, this would be your best bet, a lot of cake, but since you are having only cake and punch people will eat more; however, since your budget it tight you could get by with a 1/4th and have someone cut it for you and cut smaller pieces (you do not have to fill them up) Throwing this in since you say you are extremely limited on budget----an inexpensive, yet good punch that I like to use (and the color looks almost like champagne) is simply equal parts white grape juice and apple juice, you can use the store brands, fine. Mix together and store in gallon milk jugs, can put in freezer and freeze and then sit out long enough to thaw to a slushy mixture if you like really cold punch--it is a bit tart which is good since the wedding cake is so sweet. Also, have you considered making your cake//no not a good idea, you are too stressed////cake is cake any way you slice it---- or getting someone to make a 9 x 13 for you say strawberry with cream cheese icing (bought) and use the cake decorating supplies in grocery stores, can also decorate with small, tiny silk rose buds around the top edges or a rose in each corner with say three in the center or a rose in each corner with a wedding cake topper in the middle. Or cupcakes? Visit Dollar Tree, they have lots of good wedding "stuff". Good luck, Best Wishes and God bless on your WEDDING!jl
I Just Made Waffles. Poured Milk. What Are the Chances of a Bug Or Something That Doesn't Belong in
The chances are greater for a bug to fly into your mouth when you yawn1. If I fill milk jugs with tap water and cap them how long will the water stay drinkable?Just remember to use warm water instead of hot to wash them because the plastic will melt and shrink2. what are good tips for recycling plastic milk jugs?Take them with you when you go into town3. Are these the best looking milk jugs you've ever seen?Oh I am laughing now..........Katie4. Why was ANN Coulters face REJECTED on bordon milk jugs?She is not missing, unlike the brains of most libs5. What is something I can fill milk jugs with that is heavy to use as weights?sand stone screws & bolts cement6. going on holidays in 2 weeks. Need to tone up my shoulders and back... how?i am told that if u do something regularly it is not exercise any more. maybe take the dog for a second walk or maybe 2 - 15 minute walks as well as the first. fill milk jugs with water and do a few curls a day with them to build and tone. (i like the innovative cheaper exercise equipment) or if u do not have an empty milk jug a bag of rice or fill a plastic bag with a few paperbacks and lift them. save the gallon milk or juice jug tho as that will give u a more consistent weight to lift. stand up straight shoulders back gut in. that helps too... good luck7. What to do with Pink, Plastic Rings from gallon milk jugs?I counsel a couple, that are into S&M, betcha can guess what they do with them!8. Need help to save the earth. Parents are to stubborn to recycle.?AWESOME. Do it yourself. Compile, rinse, compact/crush and sort all the recyclables into 4 groups: Plastic- usually #1 & 2 only (number inside triangle recycle symbol on the bottom) Aluminum and Tin cans- Cardboard and Newspaper- Glass- Rinse inside all plastic, glass, soda cans, soup cans, etc. Crush/compact plastic bottles and aluminum cans (this makes a HUGE difference) Break down/flatten cardboard boxes No broken glass I use paper grocery bags for sorting, one per group, and store the bags in the garage so they are out of the way. Then, whenever your parents go to town (once a week? twice a month?), you can bring your recyclables. Recycling wo not be a hassle to them if YOU do all the 'work', and I am sure they will be more supportive once you prove that you are willing to do it yourself. It's EASY, I promise. I live with 4 people that Consume tons and generate just as much waste. I rinse out their endless soda cans and milk jugs (every day) because this is something important to ME.9. do u like the new milk jugs????wow,i had no idea,havent seen them yet10. Why do people put plastic gallon milk jugs filled with water out on their front lawn?Well, speaking from my own personal experience, people do this with the belief that it will keep cats out of their yard.. Cats have a habit of visiting the grassy, soft dirt areas of neighbors yard and doing their 'business' there which can be very un-nerving to the neighbors who are having this done to them.. Myself, I have 3 cats and they do their 'business' in our yards and its not a problem but I have had neighbor cats do the same so much as doing it on my front door (do not ask its an awful experience) so I too tried the empty milk jugs filled with water and my experience is that it did not work at all for me and I tried it for 3 week straight..... Hope this helps... -Jana11. Do you think plastic milk jugs have cause America to turn away from Christianity?A lot of people would simply stop buying that brand of milk, dude12. how many sets and reps should I lift a milk jug to get bigger arms?well i would recommend some actual weights.. but if you really prefer milk jugs, maybe 10 sets of 20 to start out.
Have You Used the New Square Milk Jugs Yet?
I have seen them online..not in stores yet. Why cant they just leave my jugs alone....lol1. My dog will NOT stay out of my newly planted flower beds!!!?I have heard that gallon milk jugs half filled with water work, and from someone who has tried it too. You might need several, but it is worth a shot2. I have 3 gallons of milk jugs filled with old pennies?There are a couple of choices. 1.) Buy some penny coin rolls, and take them to the bank, and collect the money. It is better than going to a coint star or some other machine that takes eight to ten percent of what you have. 2.) Do a righ thing and find someone that really needs the help, someone on the street, a person you know that needs help and give it to them. 3.) If you really can care less, just mess around with them, play in it like your taking a bath. There are a lot o stupid things you can think of if you are bored enough.3. If I store water in say milk jugs or containers,will it stay good?You would be best to sanitize the jugs with a bleach solution and rinse them well. I store water for 6 months (for emergencies) before dumping it and refilling4. what can i make a target for a BB gun out of if i have no Styrofoam ?aluminum cans, cardboard boxes, thick paper, milk jugs,5. What are some good ideas for homemade dog toys?Using an old sock put a tennis ball inside and knot the opening. I have not seen a dog yet that does not enjoy this one. Tie a towel in a big knot and toss it out in the yard. My German Sheppard loves the plastic buckets, milk jugs, fire wood, large chew bones, ball in sock, a large bath towel tied in a knot. Put honey or peanut butter on/in the kongs.6. Why do 1 gallon milk jugs have that dent on the side? does that dent serve a purpose?probably to have correct aeration or preservation or whatever. lol its like the same with wine bottles too. there are dents on the bottom7. What do you do with your old plastic gallon milk jugs?Clean plastic gallon jugs (not just from milk) are great for a bunch of different uses. As previously mentioned, they are wonderful for starting plant seedlings when the top from the handle up is removed. The bottom two inches are great in a pinch for temporary pet/small livestock feed & water dishes. One can even make a clothes pin caddy which hangs conveniently on the clothes line. Gallon plastic jugs can be reused in ways only limited by one's creativity and resourcefulness8. has anyone, who gardens, ever tried to plant brussles sprouts in containers like gallon milk jugs?I would not recommend it for full grown ones. They are tall plants and need deeper spaces to grow in. Only grow starts in those containers and transplant when about 8 inches tall.9. Men-why do you put empty milk jugs and pitchers back into the fridge?Fair question. My husband however might ask why the car gets put back with an empty tank of gas. lol Garnet Permaculture homesteading/farming over 20 years10. If I fill milk jugs with tap water and cap them how long will the water stay drinkable?If the Milk jugs are washed properly maybe 2 or 3 weeks11. Do you think plastic milk jugs have cause America to turn away from Christianity?But Milk cartons are cardboard. I grew up with Byrne Dairy's returnable glass bottles. They still do them, but the nearest one is 30 miles away.12. How can i wear a tank top while keeping the "milk jugs" in control?convertible bra that can cross in the back so that the straps are under the tank top.13. Where can I buy empty milk jugs online?You can also ask for them on your local group in your area. They will be totally free, you just have to pick them up. If you are new to it, you should give something away first. Otherwise you can get about anything off freecycle
Men-why Do You Put Empty Milk Jugs and Pitchers Back into the Fridge?
That is hilarious my brothers & husband do that all the time!! ha ha1. what does a cat like?My cats like the plastic rings off milk jugs. Their favorite thing is a big paper grocery bag to play in or a cardboard box. Try hiding yummy treats around the house for your kitty to hunt. A good tall cat tree is fun for jumping, climbing, and scratching. Catnip is good if your cat likes it. I have 8 cats and only 2 of them like catnip. The others just ignore it2. If I fill milk jugs with tap water and cap them how long will the water stay drinkable?Wash and rinse your recycle milk jugs properly , untill really clean.. Boil your tap water ( if you can ), wait until cold before you pour to the jugs .. You can use your water anytime .. (more than 1 month) take care .. !!3. when making homemade wine, can it be stored in plastic milk jugs?Why spoil what you have made it should definitley go in glass bottles4. Why isn't heavy whipping cream sold in gallon milk jugs?William,The reason is just economic. There is very little market demand for large containers of whipping cream. Once the carton is opened it only keeps for 3-5 days, and very few folks can use up more than a pint of whipping cream in only 5 days. It is sold in quarts in some markets, but the only really large containers are sold in 1/2 Gallon (2 liter) cartons or in plastic bags of 2 gallon or larger size, for Food Service or to small ice-cream stores that churn their own ice cream.5. How can you add muscle to your arms with no weights?besides pushups you can do chair dips, if you need weight use something else like milk jugs or anything else heavy. Get creative, there are lots of things to do6. Does it mean anything when someone lines milk jugs full of colored water or something like that in their yard?Some people think they can keep dogs off of their yard this way7. Why do people put plastic gallon milk jugs filled with water out on their front lawn?Actually,the jugs were used as counter balances in white peoples trees, where they hang non-whites8. Can you name all the products that come from oil without including gas,heating oil,or diesel?And this is not all of them. The idea of not needing oil in any capacity is a pipedream. Drill Here, Drill Now, and let Pelosi lose Ammonia, Anesthetics, Antihistamines, Artificial limbs, Artificial Turf, Antiseptics, Aspirin, Auto Parts, Awnings, Balloons, Ballpoint pens, Bandages, Beach Umbrellas, Boats, Cameras, Candles, Car Battery Cases, Carpets, Caulking, Combs, Cortisones, Cosmetics, Crayons, Credit Cards, Curtains, Deodorants, Detergents, Dice, Disposable Diapers, Dolls, Dyes, Eye Glasses, Electrical Wiring Insulation, Faucet Washers, Fishing Rods, Fishing Line, Fishing Lures, Food Preservatives, Food Packaging, Garden Hose, Glue, Hair Coloring, Hair Curlers, Hand Lotion, Hearing Aids, Heart Valves, Ink, Insect Repellant, Insecticides, Linoleum, Lip Stick, Milk Jugs, Nail Polish, Oil Filters, Panty Hose, Perfume, Petroleum Jelly, Rubber Cement, Rubbing Alcohol, Shampoo, Shaving Cream, Shoes, Toothpaste, Trash Bags, Upholstery, Vitamin Capsules, Water Pipes, Yarn9. How to gain healthy weight/muscle?Weight lifting. Thought that would be obvious. If you can not afford any, improvise! Bottles filled with sand work great as weights! Milk jugs, etc10. looking for a "recipe" for homemade fly traps using empty milk jugs?You need a clean, empty one gallon milk container. Be sure to keep the cap. Cut four or five small holes all around about two inches down from where it starts to slope towards the cap (about where the center of the handle is.) Mix 1/4-cup syrup and 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar and pour into container. Fill to halfway with water and put on cap. Place a couple of these flytraps where the flies are thick. You will probably have to empty it out every other day or so. I would make new ones because I find emptying it to be pretty gross. Jennifer My dad had a great way to rid us of flies near the home on our farm. He hung lidded jars from the porch or trees near the house. He would poke a hole in the top of the jar and put a piece of raw hamburger inside. It is safe and will catch a ton of flies. Once they get inside the jar, they can not get back out. When the jars were filled, he would just put them in the burn barrel, but I am sure you could just throw them in the garbage. Gramma Ecological Method Plant Marigold flowers. You can plant them in a window box or even in an old trashcan that has holes put in the bottom of it. Insects hate Marigolds. Put layers of Sphagnum Moss and potting soil in the container. If you use a large trash can, you could also plant a potato plant and a tomato plant in the center, surrounded by the Marigolds. This would feed a small family with tomatoes and potatoes for the growing season. JC
Researchers Want You to Eat Your Food Packaging, Not Trash It
Plastic food packaging can help reducing spoilage, but comes with big downsides- at least for your environment. While most of the plastic packaging you see in the grocery shops, such as milk jugs and egg containers are recyclable, the thin plastic films used to wrap meats, bread or cheese are not. Not only they are hard to recycle, but also not a good option to keep your food unspoiled. However, researchers from U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) have discovered an alternative and more efficient food packaging than plastic, and it's made out of milk.The researchers have found that the milk protein, called casein, can be used to make packaging film that is 500 times efficient than plastic packaging at keeping oxygen away from food. Also, casein based packaging is edible as well as biodegradable. The casein film is made by casein powder and spreading a mixture of water. Researchers included glycerol and citrus pectin to the casein film to make it more practical, as citrus pectin added more structure to the film and Glycerol helped to soften the protein film. The result is a new wrapping standard, to which Flavorings, vitamins, and other additives could be added to make the packaging and the food tastier and more nutritious. This kind of packaging could be used as a dissolving packet of dried soups or coffee, instead of those plastic packaging we throw away after using. Also, liquid casein can be used as the packaging of food. Instead of using sugar coating to make those cereals crunchy, casein can be sprayed, which is a lot healthier option. However, as Bloomberg reported, it will take many years for the USDA researchers to make it available unless companies take the initiative to find their own applications of casein packagingIs a 200yd. shot on a frozen milk jug with a 4x32 Trijicon acog a good shot?If you are just starting out, it is not bad. I can get head shots on rabbits with mine at 190 ydshave you ever taken a drink from the milk jug while no one was looking?Not i and i do not get why others do that. I would not be able to stand swallowing that crusty milk that builds up where you screw back on the cap. *shiver*Do you ever drink straight from the milk jug?hell yea its less dishes to cleanWhy do athiest always put the empty milk jug back in the fridge?to cover the smell of CODIs it necessary to bring a 1 gallon milk jug full of water to the gym like I see many lifters doing?It's not necessary, but if you are training hard, you can easily end up wanting a sip of water after every set. Going over to the water fountain each time will slow you down quite a bit, and that can be a problem if you are trying to keep your rest periods short.The gallon jug used to be a lot more common, but now I see smaller containers. I use a stainless steel water bottle that's probably around 32 oz. and that's fine for meHitting a milk jug at 150-200 yards?My personal specification is that I will consider a shot to a range that my rifle is capable of 3" groups. ie.: if the rifle is dependably shooting sub 1" groups @ 100 yards and I get about 2" groups @ 200 yards I could then go to 300 yards with the elevation correction of course and be within the 3" zone. Within 3" should provide a DEPENDABLE killing shot. And of course a moving target can cause me to re-consider that 3" certainty as it may not be a case where I am certain. Thank you for taking the humane route in your thought process. This is and there is a difference between a "hunter" and a "sportsman". Thank you sir.ladies if u woke up and saw your husband/bf drinking outta the milk jug/carton?Who are you and what have you done with my bf? (he would NEVER do that. Too much OCD for that)Do you drink outta the family milk jug?No, that is so nasty. Back wash. Then what if someone has germs from a cold, virus, etc. We do not know where someone's mouth has been
10 Best Milk Jugs for the Perfect Breakfast Setup
Whether you're setting the table for breakfast or brewing up afternoon tea, a separate jug for your milk brings a touch of elegance to the table - far more than a carton straight from the fridge could achieve.Add a teapot, and a proper teacup and saucer, and a casual cuppa becomes a treat. As for the eternal question - milk or tea first? - the jury is out.In the early days of tea-drinking, those who could only afford cheap china put the milk in first to avoid cracking the cup. The arrival of stronger materials led to the practice of pouring the tea first - a way of indicating to your guests that you had the finest china on the table.Whichever method you favour, a milk jug is a must. From out-there animal designs (a modern take on the humorous "cow creamer"by eighteenth-century Dutch craftsman John Schuppe) to practical stovetop designs, and from the traditional pear-shaped jug to dainty bone china vessels, there's a wide variety of styles to choose from.When choosing a jug, consider whether you'll need it for hot milk too: stovetop designs do double duty, heating the milk and serving it too.And don't forget that the right jug can have other uses: pretty up a dessert table with a jug to hold cream or custard, or pop in a flower or two to brighten your home.Part of an attractive monochrome collection, this ceramic jug has a hand-dipped finish, giving it a homespun look (despite its handcrafted appearance, it's dishwasher safe). Slightly bigger than your average milk jug, it could also be used for gravy, custard and even as a vase.Buy now This elegant jug, made of fine bone china in Devon, has a distinctive elongated blue-edged spout for optimum control when pouring. Its Japanese-inspired handle-less design is pleasingly tactile, and makes a classy addition to the tea table.Buy now With its modern matte black finish and clean lines, this milk jug almost looks as though it's made of rubber, but is in fact crafted from fine bone china, giving its sleek form a surprising elegance. The graphic white-on-black lettering - in the famous font designed in 1937 by Arne Jacobsen for the Aarhus town hall - spells out its function, in case of any doubt, and adds a designer touch. The silicone lid has a spout that allows for easy pouring with no spills.Buy now The cheerful primary colours and bold graphic design give this Swedish porcelain milk jug a retro edge that will brighten up your breakfast table no end, and the pointed spout and elegant shape has plenty of Scandi appeal. It comes in two colourways: blueberry and lingonberry (red).Buy now This Italian-designed, Scandinavian-influenced milk jug is aimed at coffee drinkers who like their milk hot. Mimicking the lines of the original stovetop espresso maker, the Collar jug can be heated on the stove before being poured directly from the jug. Made of Teflon-coated stainless steel, it's easy to clean too. The beautiful design is a bonus; it's pricey, but it looks it.Buy now Handmade, with a slightly ridged texture and slight variations in the shades of its pale blue glaze, this squat and sturdy milk jug with a wide spout is a bargain. It's ideal as an everyday milk jug to pour milk on your cornflakes or, thanks to its wide spout, custard on your crumble.Buy now Quail Ceramics specialise in fun and functional hand painted pieces for the table in quirky animal designs, from rabbit egg cups to dog vases. We're taken with the wild animal jugs, featuring everything from leopards to giraffes. The small zebra vase makes a good milk jug; pair with the medium and large zebra jugs for added impact. These are great talking-point pieces, elevating the humble milk jug to something a little more interesting.Buy now This beautifully finished jug has a lovely depth of colour and glossy glaze. The lack of handles gives it a contemporary feel, and its compact size (250ml) makes for easy handling and pouring. The larger size (700ml) is good for gravy and custard. It can be paired with mugs, teapot and sugar bowl from the Azure collection, if you like your tea-ware to match.Buy now If you're looking for a traditional pear-shaped milk jug in simple white porcelain, this is an excellent and affordable option that you can pick up while doing your supermarket shop. The classic and classy silhouette belies the price tag.Buy now In matte porcelain, this is an unfussy, minimalist jug that makes a simple, tasteful accessory for the table and would be a perfect fit for a Nordic-style scheme. With its straight sides, it could double as a small vase. It's hand wash only, though as it's wider than traditional milk jugs this is no hardship.Buy now With its distinctive design that makes a stylish statement, and affordable price tag, French Connection's Metro Jug is the best buy. Stelton's Collar milk jug also impressed us with its practical yet beautiful design, a combination of Scandinavian aesthetics and Italian craftsmanship.IndyBestproduct reviews are unbiased, independent advice you can trust. On some occasions, we earn revenue if you click the links and buy the products, but we never allow this to bias our coverage. The reviews are compiled through a mix of expert opinion and real-world testing.
Do People still Use Glass Milk Jugs?
Yes! They are making quite a comeback because of people's moving away from the use of plastic. Delivery is even available in some parts of the United States, Canada, and the UK. Jerry's are very excited about this because it is giving direct to customers back to them and away from the grocery stores.1. Why do Milk jugs expand when all of the milk is out of it? gets upset when the milk leaves it and binges! lol...idk...ive always wondered that too...but i would rather not find out...i like to keep some things a mystery! ahaha :)2. Do you save the little plastic tear off thingy's from milk jugs?Nope, why would you want to save those O.o!?!?3. How would you separate aluminum cans, steel cans, soda cans, milk jugs using sugar water?chheeeeaaatttsssss4. when making homemade wine, can it be stored in plastic milk jugs?no, it should definitely be stored in glass5. how high should i site my 25-06 to hit dead on at 500yards i will be using 75 or 85gr hollow point's?With a 22" barrel? I would say about 3" high at a hundred yards would do it. NOTE: My .25-06 (Remington 700 w/24" barrel) likes the heavier bullets better. The 100 grain bullets always 'pepper' the target at a hundred yards, so now I only use 115 to 120 grain bullets. Of course, on coyote, crow n milk jugs this is a moot point. Good luck. H6. Do you think plastic milk jugs have cause America to turn away from Christianity?yes, that is exactly the reason!7. How many of you try to recycle as much as you can?I do, we have recycling bins where I live right by the dumpster so it's easy. I still see people throw milk jugs and stuff in the dumpster, how annoying!8. The machine that fills gallon milk jugs at a dairy dispenses the milk in amounts that are normally distributed?you again. that is not a question. that is not even a statement. WHATR U DOIN ON HERE !! CAN I FREKIN HELP YOU?!!9. I''m taking some plastic water bottles to be recycled. Can i throw in some milk jugs?You can put the plastic waterbottles in with the milk jugs or in seperately whatever way is easier10. looking for a "recipe" for homemade fly traps using empty milk jugs?just open the milk jug and leave the top cap off and coat the inside with loads of peanut butter and some jelly. the sugar in the jelly will attract flies and then the peanut butter will make them stick inside. works for me!!!11. If I fill milk jugs with tap water and cap them how long will the water stay drinkable?If the milk jugs are clean and the water is free from organic impurities, the water would remain drinkable indefinately. Water does not spoil12. What color are your milk jugs? Yellow or clear?Florida - yeah we have both clear and yellow13. Why was ANN Coulters face REJECTED on bordon milk jugs?She has no milk of human kindness14. can you recycle milk jugs for money in los angeles?You should be more worried about saving the environment than getting a little money out of your used plastic. The environment is far more important15. Lose weight, but in a confined space.?Fill empty juice or milk jugs with water, sand or rice for weights. Buy a jump rope. Dance to your fav CD or radio station. Is there enough room for a hula hoop? What about one of those mini trampolines you jump on? How about an exercise video or CD. What about DDR game that hooks up to something like a PS2?.16. Do you or anybody in your house put empty milk jugs back in the fridge?No, that could get ugly! ;-)17. Can i fill milk jugs with water and use them as weights?yes! you can use anything as weights18. What to do with Pink, Plastic Rings from gallon milk jugs?I pin them to the inside of my parakeets cages, sometimes they like to play with them and slip through them like a hoop19. How do you feel about the new milk jugs?I am fine with it. I would have to give it a try before I can judge it really
What Have You Done to Go Green?
started a micro Business in recycling swapped out all incandescents for CFL bulbs planted a vegetable garden put up a clothes line i compost I blue bag stuff (like blue box, soup cans, milk jugs ,ect) I can not think of anything else right now! Hope I helped!1. Will playing with your cat make him like you more?If you choose games your cat likes, yes, absolutely. But you do have to play the games the cats like, not try to get the cat to play the ones you like. I have had cats that were terrified of play. One was feral for 7 months and always felt guilty - behaved like she was going to be punished whenever she let herself go, so play made her unhappy and fearful. She was a super sweet cat for whom pleasing play meant mostly cuddling, or watching others play. I foster cats and often get ferals none of whom are comfortable letting their guard down. I work with them, finding ways to encourage them to play, and it always makes them bond more with me. Currently we have: one that loves soft foam balls and ice cubes, plus pouncing on feet one that likes a wool felted ball with a bell in it ( we shake it and she comes running) she also loves pouncing on our feet when we are in bed. one that fetches rings from milk jugs and loves any form of water, but his very favorite thing is to jiggle the toilet handle and try to make it flush, If we open the tank lid he has a ball playing plumber jiggling all the different parts. He's extremely smart and not at all fooled by laser pointers. two feral adults that like kittens and get all excited whenever we have a new litter to foster. They also like foot pouncing, and one loves to play in the litter box ( eww). all but the plumber love laser pointers. All love things on strings Half like those ball tracks but currently all are bored with it. All but the plumber love our Littermaid automatic litter box. They ran to watch every time it did the clean cycle for weeks.2. What color are your milk jugs? Yellow or clear?Wow! I did not even know that! You are responsible for my "learn something new everyday!" I live in Miami, OK and we just have the clear ones. But that is really intersting! I do not know if I would an extra $2 for that, but maybe eventually they will all be yellow? sp Really?? That just completely disgusts me! And yet, somehow, I find myself not too surprised. That is the saddest part!!3. Any creative idea's of how to recycle a half gallon milk jug?Milk jugs are excellent bee traps for the summer. When ever we have a barbecue, we fill them up about 1/2 an inch from the bottom with sugared soda and place them around the perimeter of the yard. The bees go there instead of flying around the soda cans in the trash or around peoples' cans or cups that they are holding. 1. You can drill a hole in the cap top for the bees to fit into '1/4" or a little wider...the bees will be able to get in , but they can not figure out how to get out.4. Has anyone tried the square milk jugs ?i never saw one but they sound sort of wierd! (No affence 2 ppl who like them!)5. How can i wear a tank top while keeping the "milk jugs" in control?Go to it will resolve your problem. Good Luck!6. What are the circular indentations in the sides of milk jugs for?To make the jug more rigid7. Do you miss the "good ole days" when things were cast out of iron, none of this plastic stuff?Not so much. I like plastic storage containers, zip lock freeze bags, milk jugs, television, radio and computer8. Should I use a laundry detergent buck to store water for water changes?I would not use a laundry detergent bucket. I use gallon jugs to store water for my 5 tanks. I like the arizona tea gallon jugs because it's a sturdier plastic than milk jugs. If you use these just rinse them out thoroughly. But anyway..just storing the water does not make it safe. You still need to buy dechlorinator to remove chlorine and other chemicals. These wo not dissipate after any period of time. Best of Luck. :]
Why Was ANN Coulters Face REJECTED on Bordon Milk Jugs?
her adams apple was to big for the jug1. How do you test a popsicle stick bridge with water as a weight?Just lay a 2x4" eight foot long stud perpendicular across the bridge. If that does not break it start putting gallon milk jugs on the board, starting in the center and rebalancing the jugs to the middle each time you fill one. Now I just got another idea, just buy a plastic tray wallpaper wetter (you know those trays you dip wallpaper sheets into to get them wet) Keep the weight and balance low to the ground is key2. Do you or anybody in your house put empty milk jugs back in the fridge?No we rinse them when empty and recycle them3. Power outage due to freezing rain, one week old puppies, help?Use a heat lamp above them. Do not put in lots of blankets, pups can get lost in the folds of the blankets & die from being laid up on. Just use the heat lamp & keep the nest simple. You can heat water on a gas stove & put it in milk jugs & place them in with the pups. Do not use HOT water, warm is good enough. You do not want to cook them. Just keep them warm. You can also put something over the nest like a tent to maintain the temperature with in. You can sit in the tent with them to let your body heat help keep them warm. You can close off the kitchen & every one stays in there with the oven on. & let the oven help heat the kitchen space. You can go out & get some ice & melt it to heat it to help warm the pups.4. PARELLI: where should i start?If you want to go to Parelli, I would look at the DVDs, I have them (mine was all red, but that was a few years ago) and took bits a pieces, but I do not believe that one way is perfect... but before spending your money on this, I would "sack" your horse out. You said that she is very spooky, so look into spook proofing. Parelli does some of this, but I have seen many horses completely change their attitude when they realize that the world wo not eat them. So, just find anything that might be spooky and desensitize her to it. Put flags and bags and cones, and barrels and streamers and cans and whatever you can find in the arena or stall, and let her figure out that its not scary. We did it with my Arab, she ran around like crazy for about an hour (so make sure they are in a way she can not trip or hurt herself) then started to calm down and eat (we put grain near the scary stuff). Then the next day did the same. We just kept adding stuff like tarps and go to the point that we had pop cans tied in her mane and tail, milk jugs tied under her. Anything you can think of... That is what I would do first, its cheap, and it works great. Then, go from there. It may take a while, but in my experience its hard to get anything done with a horse who is extremely spooky. Also, I would advice looking at others too.. I just see too many people who think that Parelli is the only way... its good to have an open mind. Best of luck with your mare. When you get it, it will be golden.5. how can i reduce plastic pollution?cut down on your own usage: bring water/drinks in a reusable BPA free bottle to school, work, ect. so you never have to buy a plastic bottle because your thirsty. incourqge friends and family to do the same. make sure your local dump has plastic recycling and if not bring it to your towns attention that you should. keep a plastics only bin in your house for all recyclable plastic things (ie. milk jugs, bottles, ect.) and recycle that6. My chicken is panting, how can i cool her down?It has been extremely hot lately, has not it? In the 100s for us. Even in the shade the heat is still dangerous. There are several things you can do to cool her down: 1) Spray down the chicken run with a garden hose 2) Freeze milk jugs or large plastic bottles & place outside for her to lie against. 3) Put a fan out there for her. 4) Try a mister. 5) Give her frozen or chilled fruits & veggies (ex: blueberries, peas, watermelon, canteloupe, etc) Our birds especially love the blueberries & canteloupe. 6) Cut out all scratch corn because it raises the body temp of birds. 7) Provide her with a small wading pool that she can get in (you would be surprised, but I've seen chickens wade in them to cool off). 8) Put ice in her waterer or freeze a small water bottle & put it in her waterer. 9) Make her a cool retreat by turning a garbage can on its side & putting a frozen milk jug or large bottle in it. 10) Put up tarps or shade cloth to create shade in the run. Hope this helps you & good luck beating the heat this summer : )
Why Does My Neighbor Put Milk Jugs on Her Lawn with Water in Them?
If it was in her garden, next to plants, I would guess she was slow-watering them, with a small hole in the bottom of the jugs. In the middle of the lawn? Hmm, ask her! Get to know your neighbor! I bet she will be happy to teach you a technique she uses for something. :)1. Help me edit this article on Environmental Degradation? ***10 POINTS***?Industrial pollution and environmental degradation are widely-and rightly-considered one of the largest problems facing our late-capitalist society. The continued effects of industrial pollution and environmental degradation make our factories less efficient, poison our groundwater, poison our air, use up natural resources and generally make the world filthier, deadlier, and less pleasant all around. Nowhere are the effects of environmental degradation more evident than in the mysterious "Sea of Trash", one of the saddest legacies of industrial pollution and environmental degradation currently on display anywhere in the world. The Sea of Trash is exactly what it sounds like. Plastic refuse and improperly disposed trash is often dumped offshore even in comparatively environmentally-conscious states like California and Oregon. In the minds of the illegal dumpers, this plastic refuse just drifts away somewhere out of sight and therefore out of mind, eventually probably becoming waterlogged and sinking into the Pacific, someone else's problem. In reality, plastic trash almost never degrades naturally, nor does it simply sink into the water and out of sight. It continues to float on the surface of the ocean until it's picked up on the neck of an animal-contributing to extinction and the pollution of animal habitats-or until it reaches its final goal, the dark legacy of industrial pollution and environmental degradation, the Sea of Trash. Refuse tends to come to the Sea of Trash because of its position in the North Pacific Gyre. The Coriolis Effect causes ocean currents to swirl, forming massive vortexes in the sea. These vortexes slowly draw water into them from all bordering regions. The water will slowly leave the area through evaporation and the standard weather cycle. Anything carried along in that water, however, will remain trapped in the vortex forever as a industrial pollution and environmental degradation. The Sea of Trash is the largest complex of trapped industrial refuse in the world, with an estimated surface area anywhere from 700 thousand to one million square kilometers, nothing but floating plastic refuse virtually the size of Texas. It did not get that way overnight, of course. According to official estimates, trash takes roughly a year to reach the Sea of Trash from the east coast of Asia and five years to reach the Sea from the west coast of the United States. Reach the Sea it does, however, leaving the world just a little bit more ravaged by industrial pollution and environmental degradation than it was before. So what can be done about the Sea of Trash? The only thing we can do, it seems, is to try not to make the Sea any larger than it already is. Beyond that, all we can do is float amidst the plastic bottles and milk jugs, and hope that we have not already pushed the planet too far.2. What is something I can fill milk jugs with that is heavy to use as weights?a gallon of water / milk is about 8 pounds. it depends on how heavy you need it to be. weigh yourself then weigh yourself holding the jug filled with sand/ gravel. adjust as needed. i think something like bird seed or rice is not heavier then water.3. I just made waffles. Poured milk. What are the chances of a bug or something that doesn't belong in milk jugs?The chances are greater for a bug to fly into your mouth when you yawn4. when i was growing up milk jugs had the words homo milk on them . why dont they have it now? hmmm.?Did not they say "homogenized" and not "homo"? I remember them saying "homogenized"5. Do you or anybody in your house put empty milk jugs back in the fridge?Yes! And it drives me completely mad!!6. If I fill milk jugs with tap water and cap them how long will the water stay drinkable?Assuming that you sanitized the jugs ; a couple of years .If worse comes to worse just add 8 drops of household bleach per gallon to the water before you drink it. The problem with plastic is that on a microscopic level it's porous so the little buggers can get in.
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