Converting a Samurai to a Hybrid?

Ok, you want to use the electric motor to drive the wheels while you are cruising and you want to use the gasoline motor to charge the batteries while you are cruising. If you do that it's going to make your fuel economy worse which will defeat the whole purpose of building a hybrid. As "Breath" mentioned, cars like the prius work differently. Electric motor is used for starting and accelerating, battery is recharged during cruising and braking. You need to charge the batteries when you are not using the electric motor. Using the electic motor and charging the batteries at the same time is actually going to make fuel economy worse.

1. Explain using words how the electric car was powered?

And electric motor turns the wheels, batteries in the car power the electric motor, and a battery charger plugged into a power outlet at home charges up the battery

2. Is toque in an electric motor generated from repelling magnetic dipoles and the Lorentz force on a solenoid?

Your statement, that the rotor is a coil of a current carrying wire and a magnetic field is - beside the external magnetic field -induced, is fully reasonable.The external magnetic field reinforces this magnetic field on one side of the coil and weakens it on the other.Overall, this leads to the fact that the neutral are of the commutator, in which the polarity of the current must be switched over, has to be a little bit shifted in the direction of rotation. Otherwise the motor operates every 180 for a little time against the direction of rotation in generator mode.Furthermore the induction of this shifted field led to the induction of currents and this to sparks in the commutator

3. What were some inventors and inventions from 1800-1844 please?

just a few here [edit] 1800s 1801: Jacquard loom: Joseph Marie Jacquard 1802: Screw propeller steamboat Phoenix: John Stevens 1802: Gas stove: Zachus Andreas Winzler 1804: Locomotive: Richard Trevithick 1805: Submarine Nautilus: Robert Fulton 1807: Steamboat Clermont: Robert Fulton 1808: Band saw: William Newberry 1809: Arc lamp: Humphry Davy [edit] 1810s 1814: Steam locomotive (Blcher): 1816: Miner's safety lamp: Humphry Davy 1816: Stirling engine: Robert Stirling 1816: Stethoscope: Rene Theophile Hyacinthe Laennec 1817: Draisine or velocipede (two-wheeled): Karl Drais 1817: Kaleidoscope: David Brewster 1818: Bicycle: Karl Drais [edit] 1820s 1821: Electric motor: Michael Faraday 1823: Electromagnet: William Sturgeon 1823: Lighter: Johann Wolfgang Dbereiner 1824: Portland cement: William Aspdin 1826: Photography: Joseph Nicphore Nipce 1826: Internal combustion engine: Samuel Morey 1827: Friction match: John Walker 1829: Steam locomotive: George Stephenson [edit] 1830s 1830: Thermostat: Andrew Ure 1830: Stenotype on punched paper strip: Karl Drais 1831: Multiple coil magnet: Joseph Henry 1831: Magnetic acoustic telegraph: Joseph Henry (patented 1837) 1831: Reaper: Cyrus McCormick 1831: Electrical generator: Michael Faraday, nyos Jedlik 1834: The Hansom cab is patented 1834: Louis Braille perfects his Braille system 1834: Refrigerator: Jacob Perkins 1834: Combine harvester: Hiram Moore 1835: Revolver: Samuel Colt 1835: Electromechanical Relay: Joseph Henry 1835: Incandescent light bulb: James Bowman Lindsay 1836: Sewing machine: Josef Madersberger 1837: US electric printing press patented by Thomas Davenport (February 25) 1837: Steel plow: John Deere 1837: Standard diving dress: Augustus Siebe 1837: Camera Zoom Lens: Jozef Maximilin Petzval 1837: Magnetic telegraph: Samuel Morse 1838: Electric telegraph: Charles Wheatstone (also Samuel Morse) 1838: closed diving suit with a helmet: Augustus Siebe 1839: Vulcanization of rubber: Charles Goodyear [edit] 1840s 1840: Artificial fertilizer: Justus von Liebig 1841 saxophone:Adolphe Sax 1842: Superphosphate fertilizer: John Bennett Lawes 1842: Steam hammer: James Nasmyth 1842: Anaesthesia: Crawford Long 1843: Typewriter: Charles Thurber 1843: Fax machine: Alexander Bain 1843: Ice cream maker: Nancy Johnson 1843: Pile driver: James Nasmyth 1844: The safety match: Gustaf Erik Pasch

4. how can i find the power output of an electric motor If i have its "input specs"?

get a digital multi meter that reads dc voltes and it will tell you how many volts it put out the faster the motor spins the more volts it puts out

5. Are there bikes that have the fan mounted in front of the radiator instead of behind it?

The fan is behind it because, the hub that the blades attach too is also there to cover electric motor, this keeps dirt and unwanted stuff getting into it

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