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1. How has Deepika Padukone's appearance at JNU affected her new movie "Chhapak"? Was it a boon or a bane for the movie?

In the year 2005, 15 year old Laxmi Aggrawal was persued by 32 year old Nadeem Khan for marriage which she rebuffed. Upon constant rejections, Nadeem got angry and threw acid on her. This is how Laxmi used to look before the attack.

Laxmi's life post the incident was filled with difficulties because of the way she looked.Laxmi's story is about triump over hatred, discrimination and victory over true toxic masculinity. It's a story everyone should think about, talk about and celebrate. There are very few things this country as a whole agrees upon. There are many difference of opinions amongst Indians. Laxmi's story is a story to cut across all those different barriers which would have helped India agree upon something in a truly unifying premise.

Laxmi Aggrawal is a hero. We are all glad and proud of the fact that Dipika Padukone chose the film to bring awareness about acid attack victims.Dipika Padukone decided to visit the JNU to promote the film "Chhapak" and hand out support to the students who faced violence against masked goons.Dipika Padukone was very well aware of publicity for such stunt. 10 mins of showing solidarity and the nation is talking about it since.Everyone of us will agree that the violence against the students was wrong and those who perpetuated it should be punished. The only issue dividing us is over who started the violence. Was it the ABVP or the JNUSU ? Honestly nobody knows yet and those who claim to know the truth are to you.One side says JNUSU students were seen destroying properties and server room. There's a video showcasing Aishe Ghosh at the very same evening, in the same clothes, directing masked men towards a place.

The other side says the violence was perpetrated by ABVP to strifle the voices against CAA-NRC. A masked girl, widely believed to be Komal Sharma, ABVP member, was seen outside the campus carrying sticks. Our law and order will make fair assessment and truth will eventually come out.

But Dipika Padukone damaged the issue at hand i.e. the acid attack victims. When you, Dipika Padukone, folds hands towards Aisha Ghosh, who has a FIR and an alleged video against her, it seems like you, Dipika Padukone, is making a political statement. It seems like you are taking sides and not condemning the violence as a whole because students from other side are injured too. These JNU students have a lot of skeletons in their closet and by extending support, she has brought this need of the hour film under unnecessary scrutiny.Because of her action, Media and Twitter have decended into hell. People have started debating and trending boycott or support chaapak. Left leaning websites started endorsing her by downgrading Tanhaji, describing it to be Islamophobic while Right leaning IT cell started downgrading it on IMDB and other rating sites. Collection of this film have started taking a hit and that is why Dipika after realizing her mistake have cancelled all post promotion events.Laxmi Aggrawal story was something we could all fight for and stand behind. But because of Dipika, this relevant story was dragged into political arena for no reason. This movie needed to address easy access of acid in the market and a fight towards banning the product. It needed to address the issue of some men not understanding the word ' NO'. But now because of her action, the larger issue has been sidelined. She tainted the subject that needed unanimous support. The movie could have reached the government and she could have probably met the PM urging him to ban commercial availability of acid.

She has constitutional right to express her opinion. She can support or oppose any government action. But next time she shouldn't take a contentious way out. We need citizens to fight against the evil daily faced by women. We need to keep our difference aside and work towards the common good. Because our women come first, our citizens come first and unfortunately not our opinions.

So Dipika Padukone who chose to do the film was boon for awareness for acid acid victims and also Dipika Padukone's JNU fiasco was bane for both the film and Laxmi Aggrawal's heroic story.How has Deepika Padukone's presence in JNU affect her new movie "Chhapak"? Did it become a boon or a bane for the movie?


2. In a legal suit, there is a judgement and separate collection. What ways can you enforce a collection if the person doesn't pay or pays slow or partially?

There are eremidies and protections available on a state by state basis. You can garnish wages. You can get a receiver or till tap. You can levy on bank accounts. You can seize personal and intangible property. You can seize real property, you can conduct a judgment debtor's exam requiring the debtor under oath to disclose all assets, bank accounts, properties, salary and any other valuables. You can record the judgment which creates an automatic lien on the person's real estate.There are strict rules and limitations on all of these procedures which often makes them ineffective, or too expensive and time consuming to pursue. That's why some people are referred to as "judgment proof.

"There are opportunities to be very creative in this area of law. In one case I worked on, our client obtained a large judgment against a small niche business with a reputation for innovative designs in particular tools. The client had been lending money to the business to fund operating expenses and new equipment. The operating expenses had been diverted to fund the business owner's lifestyle and could not be paid back. The business filed fo bankruptcy to avoid paying the judgment owed to our cleint. Our client had been waiting for this opportunity. As the bankruptcy sale, the client required the business to auction off trademarks and design rights. Those woudl normally be next to worthless to anybody except the debtor, who intended to go back in busienss after the bankruptcy had discharged our client's judgment, so they would normally have been deemed worthless. Only an entity worth exactly the right equipment could produce the specialized tools. Oopsie. Our client Had that equipmment and paid pennies on the dollar for the trademark sin return for waiving all its claims. Now armed with the trademarks, the client began manufacturing the innovate tools itself but under it's new division, which bore the name and logo of the company that had gone bankrupt. It was a cheap hostile takeover.In another situation, our clients had loaned a couple of million dollars to the president of a medical devices corporation so the president could buy a company yacht. The president/corporation didn't pay back the money. Our clients sued, got a judgment, seized the president's corporate stock, called for a special sharehodler's meeting, voted out the entire board of directors, installed themselves as directors and took over the company, lock stock and yacht. They directed the company to allow the noteholder on the yacht's preferred ship mortgage to do a friendly foreclosure on the yacht. You won't be surprised to know that our clients were the noteholders on the yacht. They also seized a company corvette that the president drove to his office when we were there to repossess all of the corporate artwork, computers, customer lists financial records and other assets. We sold the president's personal family pictures back to him for $500.

Unfortunately, in many cases, judgements are not collectible. At one time in my career I added up the total value of uncollected judgments and got to $10,000,000, a pretty discouraging number.In any case where insurance is not obviously present, the plaintiff needed to have a plan to recover enough money on the judgment to make the case worthwhile. Otherwise, there is a real possibility that the defendant is judgment proof. Probably most middle class Americans are judgment proof or very close to it


3. What would you choose, a collection of books describing everything about the past or everything about the future?

The actual question you ask, is: would you like to read / know everything about the past or about the future?The question reminds me of the impressive film The butterfly effect, released in 2004 (with, by the way, a great role for Ashton Kutcher). He plays a character who can go back and forth in time by reading his journey. That way, he thinks he can restore errors made in the past by making different choices.

One of the biggest problems is the impossibility of the proposed situation. More specifically: the question whether we can influence our future. Is it a fixed scenario, like: this is what's going to happen, whether you like it or not?, or: if I / you / we do this, than that is going to happen?If the first idea is the case, then why bother? That sounds to me like predestination. A lot of protestant christians believe in this. It means that your future and your destiny are fixed, no matter what you do. It's built upon reasonable and logical ideas of cause and consequence, that nonetheless, when they are completely thought through, leave us completely passive and uninterested. The idea is that God knows everything, so he also knows all things that will happen, so he also knows what will happen to you after you die even before you were born, so your destiny is fixed. While that may in a very literal sense be true, it completely numbs us.Which brings me to the second idea. If that is the case, we are in a much more encouraging, catholic philosophy. However, such books can't possibly exist in reality. If you do this, than that will happen. - This way of predicting the future has to take in account so many variables that, for any human being, it is impossible to figure out even very vaguely.God only knows - and I mean this literally. God is the only one we can put our faith in to help us through the present in order to build a future as bright as possible. Not by saying it's all fixed, but by showing what we can and should do.Books tgat describe the past will help us learn from earlier mistakes. "He who does not learn from history will be doomed to repeat it." - It's a cliché that sadly doesn't just refer to the ignorant, but also to every single one of their casualties and everyone of their close ones.Jesus teaches us to not look back. For instance, he says: "Let the dead bury their own dead" (Matthew 8:22), and: "No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the Kingdom of Heavens" (Luke 9:62). You have to look ahead. However, you'll still need the lessons of the past in order to build a better future.By the way, altering your decisions in order to improve the future always ends up as a bad in The butterfly effect. It gets from bad to worse. In all of the four different endings of The butterfly effect, things end dramatically. Either the protagonist ends a friendship before it even begins, to prevent any drama, or, the most dramatic of the four endings: the protagonist goes back to his birth and chokes himself to death on his own umbilical cord.Can we really improve our future by knowing what is going to happen?

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