Car Stereo in a House?

yes, electrical tape an electrical plug to the wires and it will work just fine!!! im kidding dont do that. here are your option. 1. buy a converter. thats the only way you can do it right. battery charger is not the answer, and yes, a battery in your house is bad.

1. Help me find the right camera.?

You are probably looking for a camera in the $150, $125 range; but for a 1 second delay I do not know of any that cheap. My daughters camera is a super zoom which has a 1 sec delay. Fujifilm FinePix S5200. 10 X optical zoom, 5 megapixels. takes excellent 8X10s when enlarged. ISO range is wide 64 to 1600. My camera 1 sec delay is Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H2. 12X zoom, 6 megapixels, excellent 8X10s. Image stabilizer, comes with battery charger. Another camera with a 1 sec delay is a sub compact camera Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W50. 3X optical zoom, 6 megapixels.very good on batteries, comes with battery charger. You might want to check these stores for decent prices: B&H Photo Beach Camera Abe's of Maine Adorama

2. How do you check if a Fuse is blown in a Honda Accord?

If the battery is completely dead, many times you can not jump start it. You need to put the battery on a charger. Many times when a battery is too dead you can not jump start the vehicle. Or at the very least you need to leave the vehicle connected to the the jumper cables for 10 minutes or more before attempting to start the dead vehicle to charge the dead battery. It is highly unlikely this as simple as a blown fuse. I strongly suspect a bad alternator or bad voltage regulator. Try this. You will need a volt meter set as close to the 24 volt DC range as possible. First, remove the battery cables and clean them with a wire brush and a mixture of baking soda and water. Inspect the battery terminals for corrosion. If you can not completely remove the corrosion with the wire brush replace the battery cables. When reconnecting the battery cables put a light coat of dielectric grease on the terminal ends and the battery terminals. Fully charge the battery on battery charger. One of the modern fully automatic microprocessor controlled battery chargers works best. However a manual battery charger will work if this is all you have. With a manual battery charger you will be guessing when the battery is fully charged. From 4 to 6 hours. Once the battery is fully charged place the leads of the volt meter across the battery terminals. It should read 12 volts. Now start the engine and repeat. The meter should now read between 14 to 16 volts. If it is not between this range your alternator is not charging your battery. If you are not mechanically inclined, bring the car to a reputable independent mechanic. If you are mechanically inclined proceed to the next step. Do not arbitrarily replace the alternator. Instead, remove the alternator and bring it to your favorite automotive parts store. Have them bench test your alternator. Most will do this for free. DO not replace the alternator unless it fails testing.

3. The Best AGM Battery Chargers (Review) in 2020

A dead battery is never a good sign. There could be a number of reasons the power is gone but dealing with one does not have to be stressful or difficult. Battery chargers are around for a reason and using one is simple. Whether you need to charge your car, boat, ATV, or lawn mower battery, doing so should be a breeze. However, the biggest issue may be how long it takes to fully charge the battery again. We've put together a list of the things you need to know if you need a new AGM battery charger. Do You Need an AGM Battery Charger? Though it may seem obvious, the main reason you would even need a battery charger is to charge a dead battery. However, there are plenty of other benefits of the technological devices. You never know how a battery will react, so having a charger on hand is always a good idea. They allow you to check the power level of your battery as well. Knowing how much energy is flowing through the battery lets you know how much juice is being used. The majority of the time, you may think the battery is dead with no chance of being revived, but a battery charger is able to read the battery to inform you if it is truly drained of all power. The best AGM battery charger will let you forgo replacing the battery altogether. By using the attached cables, you can charge the battery without pulling it free from the vehicle. A battery charger can save you time by not having to take the battery to a mechanic or professional shop. Using an AGM battery charger on your battery is more efficient and safer for the battery in general. AGM batteries need to be charged slowly with low current. The Most Common Types of AGM Battery Chargers Believe it or not, there are multiple types of AGM battery chargers. It is not just a device used to charge your battery. You will find three different types of battery chargers and they all work in various ways to make sure your battery is functioning correctly. The name does exactly what it claims. This charger is designed to maintain the battery charge. While it wo not fully charge the battery or restore dead cells, the maintainer will ensure the battery does not lose its charge while connected. While technically it does not charge the battery, it is still considered a charger, as it maintains the charge of the battery. They work best for anyone who needs to make sure their battery does not die when they need it. You could leave the battery maintainer on the vehicle while you are at work and the battery's charge should hold all day. Do note, though, that a battery that is losing power will eventually lose its charge at some point. This is what people will generally go for when it comes to finding a great battery charger. In basic terms, it does what it says. These types of battery chargers restore and rejuvenate life back into batteries drained of power. They are the most common type of battery chargers and are equipped to handle several types of batteries, from an AGM battery to a gel battery to any other type you can think of. They will do the job and get you back on the road. They will have the correct amperage and voltage required to restore the juice back into your dead battery. One of the least common types of battery chargers, a restorer breaks down contaminants built up in the battery's cells that can block the battery from getting power. Batteries that are blocked are unable to function properly and therefore will lose their charge or not work at all. Restorers clear the cell blockage so the battery can get more power. A restorer is typically found in heavy duty garages, mechanic shops, and workshops. They are also the most expensive type of battery charger you can find. Features to Look for in AGM Battery Chargers You should be aware of a few things before you purchase your AGM battery charger. Not all are created equally, so you should focus on specific features instead. Here are a couple things you should look for before making a purchase. One of the main features you should pay close attention to is the discharge rating of the battery charger. Each one will come with its own rating and they are not all the same. The rating will be denoted in ampere hours. Ampere hours measure the amount of current a battery can provide in just one hour. If we do some simple mathematics, a 100 aH battery is able to provide up to 100 amperes of current in a single hour. Battery chargers use electricity and can be dangerous when in use. The best battery chargers are equipped with their own safety features to protect you, the battery, and the charger. Many will come with an automatic discharge feature that controls the amount of juice that flows from the charger to the battery. Once it reaches a certain amount or fully charges the battery, the charger should shut off so you do not use too much electricity or risk overcharging your battery. Tips for Buying and Using AGM Battery Chargers Knowing how to take care of your battery charger can save you time, effort, and money in the long run. There are several things you should understand about them before connecting one to your battery. A battery charger can be difficult to understand at first, so you should take a moment to familiarize yourself with the device before using it. We've compiled a list of the most noteworthy tips you should be aware of when you purchase and use your battery charger. To get the best charge out of your charger, you should always clean the cables before each use. Dirt or dust can build up under the metal and reduce the amount of charge you get. You will notice some white powder collecting on your battery terminals. Do not be alarmed as it is just dried sulfuric acid. Do not touch it as it can burn your skin. Consider using gloves or a wire brush to get rid of the acid safely. Always make sure you connect the correct cable to the correct terminal. Know which cable is the positive charge and the negative charge before connecting them to the battery. A "" sign stands for positive and is red, while a "-" sign stands for negative and is black. You no doubt have a few questions about your battery charger, so we've got a few answers that will help you understand them a bit better. Whether you need to familiarize yourself with what AGM stands for or need to know how long to charge the battery, we've got you covered. By the end, you will be an expert on AGM battery chargers and can get to charging your batteries in no time. Q: What does AGM mean? A: AGM means absorbed glass mat, and it's a specific type of lead-acid battery. It absorbs the sulfuric acid with a very fine fiberglass mat and makes the battery spill-proof. They typically have a much lower internal resistance and are capable of delivering high currents on demand. Q: How long does the battery need to charge before it's full? A: It can be difficult to determine the exact time it will take to fully charge the battery. However, the lower the battery charge, the longer it will recharge. Generally, the standard charging time of AGM batteries is between a couple of hours and up to 12 hours. You should monitor the battery's temperature from time to time as well. If it exceeds 125 degrees Fahrenheit, stop charging it immediately. Q: Can you charge a regular battery with an AGM charger? A: AGM batteries are designed to provide a slow and low charge for your battery. Therefore, using a regular charger for an AGM battery is not possible. If you attempt to do so, you may overcharge the AGM cells and potentially damage the battery. Our choice for the overall best AGM battery charger goes to the NOCO Genius GenM3 Battery Charger. The powerful device features multiple bank ports to charge a few batteries at once. It's versatile and can charge lead-acid batteries, wet batteries, gel batteries, along with AGM batteries. You wo not be complaining about its construction either, as it's also strong and sturdy. Plus, it's waterproof.

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