Car Heater Malfunctioning. How Do I Determine the Issue?

You have an air pocket in the cooling system. I will bet its because of a bad head gasket. Sealer will only plug up the heater core, not fix the problem. See a mechanic before you waste the motor

1. Should car heater be working when engine is on but I am not driving?

Usually there's a vacuum actuated valve which controls the diversion of coolant into the heater core. It's possible that the vacuum tube is either loose or leaking, and is not able to provide enough vacuum to actuate the valve at low engine speed

2. 2005 Nissan sentra car heater doesn't work..?

Take it back to the mechanic and tell them what its doing. They have not replaced some kind of sensor or electronic devise needed to fix this

3. my car heater is blowing cold air, can anyone tell me what might be the problem?


4. why is my car heater anit blowing out alot of warm air?

only blowing on high is a bad resistor, as for the rest, sorry, my crystal ball is on the fritz, year make and model

5. Will your car heater work if their is only water in your cooling system?

it will blow hot air anti freeze is just in it to keep it from freezing

6. Car heater not blowing out hot air?

Your coolant level may be to low.Try to add coolant when accelerating motor to 1500rpm with a little more coolant upper radiator hoses have a better chance of caring a solid column of coolant instead of steam.Some smaller cars have trouble generating enough heat in winter. I place cardboard in front of my radiator this allows for a quicker warm up. Back flush your radiator and heater core may also provide better heat transfer.Do not listen to these dip wads your thermostat is fine

7. car heater blowing cold. rover 25?

start by changing the thermostat and bleeding the air out

8. My car heater doesnt work, why is this??


9. Does a car heater use up the battery or just the gas? Or neither?

electric coils heat the car then a fan blows over them kinda like a hair drier

10. Does using your car heater or AC affect gas mileage for new cars?

The heater is just scavenging engine heat -- engine coolant runs through your heater core -- so its impact on fuel economy is minimal at best. The A/C will cost you a little (additional load on the engine). Then again, so will rolling down the windows (messes with the aerodynamics). If this creates a financial burden for you, perhaps you should not be buying a car.

11. My car heater only blows out cold air, How can I fix this myself, and now have to pay a mechanic?

Maybe your thermostat has been removed. Follow the rubber hose on top of your radiator to metal. There will be two bolts. Remove and look into the hole. Should be a thermostat. Only cost a few bucks, replace. If that is not it, feel the floor on your passenger side for wetness, if it was wet or has been before, you may have a bad heater core. Way up under the dash

12. my car heater blows cold air?

Sounds like you left the air on. Make sure the sliders or buttons are on the heat position. In the old days, thermostats were typically the problem................cheers

13. A car heater problem, need help bad???

should not have bought a Dodge ....Get a FORD!!!!

14. how can i survive this winter in a car with no heater?

Drive to Miami and rent a apartment until next May, then go home

15. My car heater won't work, could it be a fuse?

If you have a friend a fuse is a possibility, check thermostat, heating core, or the motor mount, If you smell a odor it may be the heater core

16. Foggy windshield. Coolant leaking inside car. Is this the heater core?

yep that,s what it is, the heater core is leaking anti-freeze on the floor. yes it can be a time consuming job sometimes. on some cars you have to tear the dash apart to get into the core.

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