Can I Use a Traxxas TQ Radio System with a Traxxas Brushless Motor and Esc?

Yup! that's an exceptionally customary improve, and the majority locate all in one kit kit on Ebay! I even have viewed it some situations, while you are fortunate you will locate it which contain even the lipo batteries!

1. what is the principle of brushless motor,how it works?

Do a Google search for "step motor". A motor with noisy brushes is a Universal motor that the brushes hit the coil and causes noise. A Step motor is brushless and more quiet and rotates in steps.

2. A good place to buy cheap brushless motor for 1/10 scale rc car?

evidently like a famous version of the vitara and that that they had an exceptionally undesirable popularity for tipping. beautiful little lady motor vehicle, (does it are available a delicate precise?) its no longer my form of outrage yet i might supply it 5 out of 10!

3. what is permanent magnetic brushless motor ?

i could even have pronounced "no such element", yet have found out i do not be attentive to each little thing, or perhaps what i presumed I knew (thank you, Google) it type of feels the rotor of a DC 3-section motor includes everlasting magnets mutually as the rotor of an AC motor includes windings, a minimum of for the examples i found

4. How do you wind a brushless motor for a specific voltage? Is there a formula? Could I get an example?

How do you wind a brushless motor for a specific voltage? Is there a formula? Could I get an example?There are a few factors in BLDC voltage ratings: speed constant, dielectric withstand, and stall current.Dielectric withstand is the easiest - the wire enamel needs to be thick enough to not arc. This can be found on the wire's datasheet. Exceeding this value can pop the insulation and short the coils.Stall current is equal to the applied voltage divided by the winding resistance. Use the wire's "chassis wiring" spec to find the allowable amperage in this case. Exceeding this value can overheat and melt the motor.The one you're probably interested in is the speed constant Kv - how much faster does it spin for every additional volt applied. The theoretical max speed of the motor is simply V * Kv, but that doesn't leave any torque left. You'll want to pick a Kv fast enough that your theoretical max speed is higher than your target speed.The easiest way to calculate Kv is if you're re-winding an existing motor, or somehow already know the motor constant Km. Spin the motor at a known speed, measure the voltage, divide, and you have Kv. When you re-wind, increase or decrease the number of turns to proportionally change the new Kv. Twice the turns will halve the speed and double the torque.If you're starting from scratch, it is probably easier to calculate the torque constant Kt in a package like FEMM ( Finite Element Method Magnetics ). Then, use Kt = 1/Kv to find the speed constant.How do you wind a brushless motor for a specific voltage? Is there a formula? Could I get an example?

5. i have a rc electric hammer and want to upgrade the battery and get a brushless motor?

Not familiar with the hammer but I would call Hobby town usa, they will know, the only problem with this upgrade is the transmission, differentials, axles etc. wo not handle the power. You would be money ahead in the long run to get one that is already brushless. Traxxas has some good stuff at a good price. Check out the NEW e-maxx.

6. Problem with ESC, brushless motor and Raspberry Pi

You should not power the ESC through both battery and Pi's 5V pin 2, it may cause damage. Your BEC of the ESC may already be totally fried now. It happened to mine before.Your motor battery is already powering the ESC's BEC, so you should never connect the ESC's red wire to anything, because double-powering will cause voltage confusion (amper overload, I do not know what the right term for it). The white and ground cable are fine to be connected as per your diagram, but never connect the red one to any other power source

7. Why people use Brushless motor?

No brushes means: 1. You do not lose power because of friction with the brushes and 2. There are no brushes to wear out over time, so the motors can last almost forever :) This has several advantages: 1. You can either swap your brushed motor for a brushless one with the same *power output*, but since it's more efficient, it will make your car or plane run for longer on the same battery (because it gives you the same power output, but consumes less power from the battery), or 2. You can fit a motor which consumes the same amount of power from the battery - but since brushless is more efficient, this means more power, so your car or plane will drive for the same time on one battery pack, but can go faster Finally, you can get a lot more maximum performance out of the same sized brushless motor, because although for a brushed motor the brushes start to burn if you try to increase the power above the motor's limit, for a brushless there are no brushes to burn! So the only limit is that you have to keep the magnets below a certain temperature, because if they get too hot they lose their magnetism. The only disadvantage of a brushless motor is that you need a brushless speed controller to run it (it wo not run directly on the battery). And brushless ESCs are slightly more expensive than brushed ESCs for the same power, but they are still pretty cheap on ebay.

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