Try breastfeeding more often. 3-4 hours is too long for a newborn. If you feed more often, you wo not get as engorged in between. You should be breastfeeding at least every 2 hours during the day and every 3 hours at night. Cabbage leaves would be fine - you are engorged because you are producing too much milk. If you "dry up" a little bit, that will solve your problem. As long as you keep breastfeeding on demand, you will continue to make plenty of milk for her. DON'T wear a tight bra! That can cause plugged milk ducts, which can lead to mastitis (breast infection). Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes. Wear breast pads to catch the leaks.

1. Milk of ruminants in ceramic baby bottles from prehistoric child graves

The study of childhood diet, including breastfeeding and weaning, has important implications for our understanding of infant mortality and fertility in past societies1. Stable isotope analyses of nitrogen from bone collagen and dentine samples of infants have provided information on the timing of weaning2; however, little is known about which foods were consumed by infants in prehistory. The earliest known clay vessels that were possibly used for feeding infants appear in Neolithic Europe, and become more common throughout the Bronze and Iron Ages. However, these vessels-which include a spout through which liquid could be poured-have also been suggested to be feeding vessels for the sick or infirm3,4. Here we report evidence for the foods that were contained in such vessels, based on analyses of the lipid 'fingerprints' and the compound-specific 13C and 13C values of the major fatty acids of residues from three small, spouted vessels that were found in Bronze and Iron Age graves of infants in Bavaria. The results suggest that the vessels were used to feed infants with milk products derived from ruminants. This evidence of the foodstuffs that were used to either feed or wean prehistoric infants confirms the importance of milk from domesticated animals for these early communities, and provides information on the infant-feeding behaviours that were practised by prehistoric human groups.

2. How much stinking milk in my tea!!?

The tea your boyfriend made has the ingredient of Sugar, Milk, and love

3. Ice Cream made from Breast Milk?

Oh that is just dumb! I dont understand why PETA has a problem with milk. It doesnt hurt the cow at all to be milked. In fact it hurts them to not be milked.

4. Trouble with Breastfeeding..not knowing what to do.?

Congratulations on deciding earlier on in your pregnancy that you want the very best for your baby by wanting to breastfeed him/her. I breastfed all 4 of my children as babies and it certainly makes life a lot easier, no bottles to have to sterilize, dont need to worry about heating up a bottle, no need to buy formula. It sounds like there has been a lot of "myths" thrown your way in regards to breastfeeding. Your breasts are very tender as you are pregnant and they are changing, after your baby is born the soreness will not be there as they will have already changed. Feeding your baby is not going to feel the same as a partner sucking on your breast, you are not going to get aroused, you are feeding a precious baby and there is milk being drawn from your breast, its very different. The way a baby sucks to draw the milk from your nibble is not the same as when a breast pump is used, you will find that if you use a pump only then not only will you be spending a great deal of time using a pump but it will not increase your milk supply the same as feeding your baby, feeding a baby is actually quicker than using the pump, they get the milk out faster and easier. Also your breasts after a while will supply the amount your baby needs, its supply on demand , so the more your baby grows and needs the more your breasts will produce. There is nothing stopping your husband from enjoying the feeding of the baby,you can still express a bottle esp first thing in the morning when you will have a lot more milk and put in the fridge so when you are cooking dinner or something your husband could feed the baby. Its what I used to do and it was great. Your husband can also be involved in a lot of different ways, there is nothing stopping him from putting the baby to your breast and talking to the baby while its being fed, babys communicate a lot with their eyes at that time and nothing looks better than seeing your baby's eyes light up when you are talking to him/her. I know this is long, if you want to ask me anything feel free to send me a message or use messenger

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What Are the Human Adaptations Based on Race?
What are the human adaptations based on race?I have no racist agenda either. The current theory is that around 70-80,000 years ago, in the depths of the last ice age, modern humans passed through a genetic bottleneck, so to speak, when our numbers dwindled to only 15,000-20,000 individuals, worldwide. But apparently, only the best survived, because after that, modern humans spread out and conquered the globe. But as we encountered vastly different environments, evolution began to shape us in divergent ways. Examples are numerous. East Asia was the coldest and snowiest, so people living there benefited from eye modifications to allow them to squint better in the blinding glare of the snow. Europeans were stuck in a heavily forested cloudy rainy, foggy climate making it impossible to get enough sunlight to make vitamin D and thus prevent rickets. Extremely light skin helped them absorb enough sunlight to get the necessary vitamin D. Europeans also developed the ability to digest milk sugar (lactose) throughout adult life, apparently due to a high dependence on milk and cheese as a food source. Eskimos became short and fat to conserve heat, while sub-Saharan africans became tall and slim for the opposite reason. Africans also developed very curly hair to avoid overheating the head resulting in sun-stroke. Africans developed the sickle cell blood trait to resist malaria. Africans also retain salt more avidly, making them more adapted to hot, dry environments but nowadays making them more prone to high blood pressure. That is all that I can think of right now but I am sure there are more examples. Diversity is a good thing and we should all be thankful for the various adaptations that we are blessed with, except maybe sickle cell anemia, which is a painful disease— — — — — —Does adding milk and sugar in coffee reduce the caffeine content?If you add cream and sugar to a drink you increase the volume of the drink: adding 3 oz. of cream, for example, causes the drink to increase from 8 oz. to 11 oz. total. You end up diluting the coffee but the amount of caffeine in the drink itself remains the same. Now, if you only drank 8 oz. of that 11 oz. then you would consume less caffeine. But if you drink the entire thing, you get the full load of caffeine. I suppose your second question is debatable. I think one ounce of expresso can have anywhere between 40-80 mg. of caffeine. Eight ounces of regular coffee probably contains 80-160 mg., so eight shots of expresso, equal in volume to a regular cup of coffee, might contain a hair raising, eye dilating 320-640 mg. of caffeine.— — — — — —How do you take your coffee??????? Milk and Sugar please?Same as you... Milk & Sugar— — — — — —What do you get when you cross bran, egg, flour, milk, and sugar?yikes. I've never heard of a cross bran. is that something like a cross hare . or hair?? :D— — — — — —In order to ration food should the US Government issue limits on purchases of rice, wheat, milk, sugar, etc ?Why ration food when we have huge surpluses?— — — — — —Coffee? What brand? Flavored? Drip? Percolator? Cream? Milk? Sugar? How do you get spiritual java kickstart?Your god is your belly, heathen. This is not a religious question.— — — — — —Can I make a smoothie with just banana's, milk, sugar, icecubes and possibly strawberry milkshake powder?I would put milk or yogurt in it to give it a smoothie texture. Or even ice cream. But sounds really good!— — — — — —What to make with flour eggs milk sugar and butter BESIDES pancakes?cream puffs, for sure!! this is my favorite cream puffs recipe: 1. boil 1 cup of water, add a pinch of salt (optional) 2. add 1 stick of butter (stir around until butter is completely melted) 3. add 1 cup of flour. stir for about 1 minute until dough is formed. 4. take off heat, let the dough cool down. 5. meanwhile, crack 4 eggs into a bowl. 6. using an electric mixer or wooden spoon, pour eggs (one by one!!) to dough mixture. (dont worry if dough is lumpy at the beginnning) 7. keep on stirring till batter is smooth. 8. spoon a mixture on a baking tray. 9. bake on an oven 375F (Preheated) for about 18-20 minutes until golden brown. *you can add whipped cream inside cream puffs (after they've completely cooled down) or eat them right away!
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