BLDC Motor PWM Commutation Scheme

TLDR: Both control schemes will work to drive a motor. The First image is a very simple way to drive a motor and allows you to not have to worry about "shoot through" on your half bridge. "shoot through" is when both the high side and the low side of a half bridge are on shorting your supply to GND. this will usually blow up the FETs or the supply. The problem with this simplicity is that when the high side is being PWMed the motor will want to pull current when the high side FET is off because of the motor acting as an inductor. The motor will pull this current through the diode on the low side FET. this will cause energy to be lost in the low side FET diode. This causes inefficiency and heats up the low side FET.The second image is how most motors are driven because it is more efficient. the image shows that you are not just PWMing the high side FET but applying the opposite of the PWM signal to the low side FET. This means that the when the high side FET is off the low side FET is on meaning that the reverse current does not have to go through the diode and waste energy. One of the problems with this control scheme is that you must add a delay between the high side FET being one and the low side FET being on to prevent "shoot through". this delay is called "dead time". It is usually a very small amount of time 100's of ns though. most motor driver IC's will introduce this dead time for you

1. Should motor vehicle laws be the same nation wide?

No, there is really no reason to standardize them, and there are a few good reasons not to. First of all, states can experiment around, and if something works well, other states will follow. For example, with the cell phone laws, a few states tried it, it supposedly worked, so more states are doing it. Also, state governments tend to be more responsive to people than the feds, so more power in state hands is a good thing

2. can a battery test good and still not crank motor?

yes, that is why there are different sizes of batteries. There is a bad connection between the ignition switch and the starter solenoid if you can start it with a screwdriver though

3. Afci's and Gfci's and motor loads

I have replaced many GFCI's on motor loads in homes most of the time garbage disposals and a few refrigerators / freezers. AFCI's constantly trip if a variable speed motor is controlling the speed OR a heavy lighting load with a dimmer. Most of the GFCI's used in industrial locations are not for personal protection but for protection of the equipment they have higher trip set-points if memory serves 30-100ma is there range where a GFCI for personal protection is 5ma -1ma.

4. S10 2.2 motor compatibility

Only if the 95 is OBD II. At GM a 1995 model could be either OBD I or OBD II. Personally I would use another 96 motor. That's definitely OBD II. Hope that helps! Jim

5. 97 Mercury Blower Motor problems.?

probably just the blower motor. first check its connector. the heat coming from the vent on the dash indicates proper operation of the blend door and air distribution system

6. Is it possible to have a hole in the motor causing the coolant to leak?

Sure. There could be a "hole" in the head gasket, cylinder head, or engine block which could cause such

7. where is motor speedway hampton ga?

Are you talking about Atlanta Motor Speedway? The race track where the NASCAR races are held? Hampton is approximately 30 miles south of downtown Atlanta on GA Highway 19 - 41. Take exit 218 off I-75 and travel west on Hwy 20. This will take you directly into the racetrack parking area.

8. Need motor help. Ford Mustang?

Spark plug cables might be bad! Also heck your distributor and it's wiring. Also the new spark plugs might not be callibered correctly or they might me moist or even wet. If they have oil, you might have piston ring problems.

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