Astronomy Question - Our Solar System?

Hypothetically, if the sun suddenly disappeared(1), everything in orbit around it would fly off into space on a straight line tangential to where a particular object was in orbit before the sun disappeared (2), because of conservation of momentum (both linear and angular), inertia, and energy. (3)The bodies still have their mass and gravitational attraction and inertia. All that has disappeared is the mass of the sun and its gravitational attraction, which is what keeps the planets, asteroids, dust particles in orbit around it. (If you copy or quote my answer word for word, please put it into quotation marks or give it a citation number, and then properly credit me either in the footnotes or in the citations list? Thank you.)

1. What is the effect of different reflecting aides of aluminum foil on the speed of a solar oven pizza box?

Either way, the pizza will turn out soggy and poorly done, and possibly dangerous for having been at low heat for too long. Burn some wood in an enclosed brick area, and have a nice pizza with no left-over junk.

2. The future of solar panels?

Government encourage people to use energy saving product,there are many policies and subsidies in every panels are presentative of energy saving product,so,they are trend of future development.There is more and more serious fog and haze,it is a necessity to protect envrionment by widely use solar panels.

3. Combining old solar cells off calculators and solar lights?

It should be pretty simple. Use the same analogy of batteries. It you want more volts then connect the negative to the positive of the battery and finally connect the bulb. On the other hand you want more amps then put them in parallel. See the connecting wire and connect them accordingly.

4. Are all solar collectors flat?

nope I've seen ones that look kinda like a satellite dish, they focus light better but they do not collect as much

5. How efficient are solar collectors?

Currently about 15 to 20%. Efficiency matters only when your space is limited. Otherwise it is a cost/watt that matters.How efficient are solar collectors?

6. Is solar thermal related to biology?

No; biology literally means the "study of life." Solar panels are not alive, and would rather fall under electricity or technical studies. (Articles about the study of plants, animals, bacteria, etc. would be regarded as biological.)

7. Solar charge while running motorcycle?

That would not look good. The motorcycle stator or alternator charges your battery that would be enough for you.

8. Worried about Solar flare 2014?

Relax. The Earth gets hit by solar flares from the sun several times a year. That's what causes the Aurora Borealis far up north. Most of the time, there is no noticeable affect on our electronics. Maybe a bit of static from our satellites but nothing serious. Even the largest solar flare event we've had on record only knocked out the power in one area and it was quickly restored. A solar flare powerful enough to knock out all electrical equipment on Earth would essentially mean the Sun has exploded, in which case losing electrical power will be the least of our worries. And no, the sun is not scheduled to explode like that for several billion more years. So no, you really have nothing to be worried about.

9. how come car companies haven't come up with a solar powered car yet?

they have come up but due to expensiveness only used for racing puposes (often called rayces) on world solar challenge day

10. Question on the Planets in our solar system?

what is a dwarf planet?

11. Solar Panels- Mounted on roofs,?

I have solar panels to heat my swimming pool. I had considered using them for all my hot water but I dont find them cost effective. I didnt get any grants to install them, I paid myself. I have had all sorts of problems with them

12. What is the boundary of they solar system?

The boundary is the "termination shock," defined by the area where interstellar gas and solar wind start to mix. A quick comment on prior answers. The heliopause is well outside the solar system. See the NASA website below for a diagram showing the distinction. A satellite that will make the first map of the boundary between the Solar System and interstellar space has been selected as part of NASA's Small Explorer program. The Interstellar Boundary Explorer (IBEX) mission will be launched in 2008. IBEX is the first mission designed to detect the edge of the Solar System. As the solar wind from the sun flows out beyond Pluto, it collides with the material between the stars, forming a shock front. IBEX contains two neutral atom imagers designed to detect particles from the termination shock at the boundary between the Solar System and interstellar space. Aloha

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