As a Data Scientist, Is It Better to Specialize in Data Collection Or Data Analysis?

Interesting.. I have not heard about "data collection".. Probably it is more around data management and database administrator Data Analytics is more relevant for the folks who want to use data for decisions

1. (Again): Suggest More New Age Scriptures for My Collection. (READ MORE BELOW)?

I also enjoyed the native American views on the 13 original clan mothers, zacharia stitchen's books (although most of his theory is included in the first book there is some little expansion of ideas that comes in the others), a course in miracles, the celestial something or other, heaven and hell and the genesis (spiritualism), .....based on clarifying older writings but with a new 'twist' I like the nag hammadi, lots on the mayans, some of the ba'hai info, bagavad gita, the avesta collection.... it's all good. edit: that's it...the celestial prophecies. if you find interest in the NA stuff - the 13 original clan mothers was a good read, and so was animalspeak and some book w/a redhead on the cover on vision quests...have fun!

2. How do you organize your movie/video game collection? Got any pictures?

Like this:Not perfect, and I still sometimes spend quite a lot of time searching for games (as many games do not fit quite so neatly into the "genres" I have), but...

3. Which Wii Game/s Should I add to My Collection?

One really good game is Lego Star Wars. There is also Lego Indiana Jones too. Those games are full of adventure and have a great story to them. Smarty Pants is a great family game. Its a trivia game where you can use your Miis. Cooking Mama is also really fun. What other game lets you peel a virtual potato? But it seems like you enjoy adventure/violent games, so I would go with the Lego games. MLB 2K8 is a fun game if you are a baseball fan


if i were you i would sell all that and deffinatly expect a lot of money fo all of it!

5. Will you pick 10 random albums out of your collection that you consider amazing?

Stone Roses - Stone Roses Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness - Smashing Pumpkins Either/Or - Elliott Smith Loveless - My Bloody Valentine The La's - The La's Definitely Maybe - Oasis The Bends - Radiohead Jailbreak - Thin Lizzy Are You Experienced? - Jimi Hendrix Experience Tonight's The Night - Neil Young

6. my dad has a collection of original fitted baseball hats?

Some more information would be nice. Like what teams, what years were they game used. The hat that has an h inside a star is a Huston Astros cap from the late 70's early 80's. The other one is an old Milwaukee Brewers cap from the 80's. The blue and yellow background with a mit

7. 2020 Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

One of the few things that makes SO and SE sites better than the rest of the internet has been the focus on maintaining a high signal-to-noise ratio. Explain how important that is to you, and how it influences your perception on the role of a diamond mod

8. Where can I get a collection of C programs?

These are few sources where you can find good collection of C programs1000 C Programs with Code, Output & Explanation in Linux - SanfoundryBig collection of c programming language questions with solutionLearn Programming Tutorials Step By Step - c4learn.comList Of C ProgramsC Programming ExamplesC programming solved programs/examples with solutionsC program examples | Interview Complete ListC programming examplesc program example with different categories - cprogramto.comThank you!!

9. Wouldn't your tithe and collection plate offerings be better spent making the world a better place?

My little Catholic church (about 75 people, tops) raised over ten thousand dollars to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. This is in addition to the $20,000 they send for food, medical supplies, educational materials, etc., to our sister church in Calavera, El Salvador each year. And nobody's rich in this parish, by any stretch of the imagination. The church also supports the local homeless shelter, the soup kitchen, and other community needs. And each Lent, we do Operation:Ricebowl, which provides food for third world countries through sacrificial giving. I am not sure how much more one church could be expected to do for other people with the money that's put in the collection plate each week.

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