Are You Against a Guy Running in Athletic Running Tights?

Sure. You look terrific. Ignore those small minded folks and their fear and disgust. I guess they are just jealous that someone has a better figure than them. All the way, man.

1. Is the iPad 2 pretty much like a laptop or a GIANT iPod Touch?

You are better off just getting a cheap laptop if that's what you need. The iPad is just a giant iPhone. The iPad runs on iOS which is what the operating system the iPhone and iPod Touch runs on. What you can do on iOS is limited. If you want to use the iPad to do media editing, write papers for school, or run actual programs on it, then you should just get a laptop computer. The only thing the iPad is good for is going on the web and running apps.

2. Running Advice for Beginners? :)?

Well you do NOT want to eat RIGHT before you go running because you will get cramps so eat like an hour or a half hour before so your food will be digested and turned into energy for you to be able to run the distance. Eat carbs,proteins, and dairy through out the day to build muscle and to have the energy you need. Afterwards drink milk so your muscles will recover and wait til your hungry to eat after the run but eat something healthy. I would not really suggest walking, maybe every now and then but running 3 to 5 times a week will get you in really good shape and its definitely a great way to build muscle in your legs, butt, hips, and abs. Another suggesion I would not set a time goal for your self at least not yet anyways, this is what I do and it might be able to help you. So I run 3 miles 2 to 5 times a week(when its not snowing outside) and I time myself once a month to see if i've improved over time. By time my self I mean I use a stop watch and do not set a time for my self just because that way I see improvement. Since your a beginner though I wouldnt really suggest starting out with 3 miles I would suggest 1 mile to 1.5 miles 3 to 5 times a week then after a month or two start running further distances but even walking will help improve the distance you run but like I said run more then you go on walks. Hope I helped!:) Oh and some other things, what ever you do, do NOT stop running. If your worn down or tired just run slower, even if your running slower then you normally walk it will improve the distance you will be able to run. The last thing, if you can, run on grass because its better for your knees and if you can run with someone to keep you motivated.

3. Running for begginners advice please?

Yeah, running is very hard if you have not been doing it for a while. Do a mile your first time out there, TAKE A LONG BREAK and then do it again. Make sure you fully recover. Do not want to hurt yourself. A mile is 4 laps on a standard track. I would say every day, increase that mile by 100m until you are comfortable running and running for a very long time without stopping. You might want to buy running shoes or even track shoes, although they are more for competition than training. Regular running shoes will be more comfortable

4. Cardio Alternatives to Running

A team sport, like ultimate (especially because of your height), or soccer would be great for cardio

5. What is your opinion about guys running in running tights?

Chances are your dad would not object to your wearing a raincoat if it were raining, but I wo not suggest you try to fight him on this. If you are (or he is) concerned about "the look" tights give you, then put a pair of shorts on over them. When the weather is cold but not frigid I wear tights with baggy shorts over them. My legs stay warm but I get the freedom of motion that you get from the tights. Specialized running shorts work too. You could try wearing the tights under the running pants, but I usually save that for really cold weather. You might want to try a pair of nylon windpants - they do not have all of the freedom of movement of tights, but are not as "out there." Bear in mind though that frostbite is a serious concern in cold weather. Any of your...ahem...extremities are subject to getting frost bitten and...well let's just say that wearing tights alone could subject you to a brutally painful case of frostbite if you run in seriously cold weather. If you are getting bleeding or irritation anywhere then check out Body Glide or another anti-chafing product. But I will admit there is a part of me that enjoys the look on people's faces when they see blood on my shirt...

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