Are There Any Reasons for Any Nation to Not Phase Out Incandescent Light Bulbs for Neon and LED Ligh

Neon and L E D just do not give out enough good white light for most working applications. Especially economical light for homeowners and light industrial uses.L E D technology needs to advance quite a bit before it can make a good work light for mechanics as an example. The technology for tail lights and signal lights on trucks is very good and improving

1. Does my RAM need LED lights?

No... ugh... IT WON'T GO FASTER IF YOU PUT LIGHTS ON YOUR RAM. You need to put a clock going at a fast speed that's also small next to the processor then that should make it figure out "stuff" faster.

2. How many solar panels will my off-grid cabin need?

It depends on how you decide to build that cabin. Insulation is key. Triple pane windows that are smaller than usual would be another consideration. Air conditioning unit with a SEER of 30 would make a big dent in how many solar panels you will need. Of course you will be using LED lights with exceptionally high efficiency going from watts to lumens. You can always buy more panels so buy as many as you would pay the power monopoly to bring power to your land as a start. If you already have electric service run the cabin as built for a couple months then show the solar panel retailer your electric bill and they can nail it down exactly. Buying the right size inverter is more important because it needs to be able to handle the whole house and you cannot just add another to it.How many solar panels will my off-grid cabin need?

3. installing flush mount led lights in my rollpan????

Check behind the panel you want to cut holes in. It sounds simple but I've seen a few expensive stuff ups with a 1/8th drill

4. What are some cool things to use LED lights for?

Light where you need it, like under cabinets, in closets, and more

5. where can i get led lights?

What sort? Get AC bulbs from the home centers. 12V ones from auto centers. Strips and individual LEDs, in larger quantities online.

6. Whats the wattage on my fish tanks LED lights?

Anything that has output has wattage. But we need more info on the lights. Like brand and model number

7. How do you add led lights to consoles (PlayStation)?

before you do that, get an insurance and keep fire extiguishers close by since you do not know exactly what to do. Tell your neighbors to be on alert too just in case a fire burst out of your window. you really dont need to practice because you do not wanna do that on higher PS models. Are you gonna punch holes on $500 PS3? what is the mankinds benefit to this undertaking of yours?

8. How to wire led lights to my f150?There is positive and negitive only There is a positive an?

I guess you were on the battery end of that fuse or it would have blown. (So up will be ON) Right after the battery use an inline 5 amp fuse. The positive passes through the switch. The neg goes only to the neg of the lights.

9. I have new PSU, Fans are spinning, led lights are on, but the pc seems dead, no beep sounds?

is the HDD spinning? cause it could be your graphics. or is the MoBo power LED on? the description is too brief.

10. what should i do with my led lights in my car?

pink and Blue light fixtures in the front and rear of your motorcar are considered unlawful, yet underbodies are considered unlawful as well for on highway use. in basic terms fyi the more effective useful manufacturers are frequently listed in the import tuner mags. yet LED neons are more effective useful they very last more and are a touch more effective sturdy.

11. How Can I Wire Flashing LED Lights Into A Car?

some states in basic terms enable blue lights fixtures on police autos, and pink for fire autos. and a few cities are choosy too. so call the police dept. and ask if there are any regulations in you section, then call the state point too or the DOT on your state

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Can I Put LED Lights on My Motorcycle in Michigan?
It will be ok. according to MICHIGAN VEHICLE CODE at, the lights shall emit an amber or white light without glare1. What is the California law regarding led lights while driving?Its a no no2. What components do I use to make a dc motor turn right 2 seconds and then back left 2 seconds?most DC hobby motors are permanent magnet so will reverse with reversal of the power leads. Tow ways to do this either build a H bridge (Google it) or use a 6V DPDT relay. Use a 555 in astable mode (Google again) & a push button.3. How do i wire my DUAL Subwoofer LED lights to my car so they actually work?wow ...enjoy those dual speakers while they last, which wont be very long4. Is it legal to have blue led lights on the bottom of a motorcycle?My father has blue LED lights mounted on the engine of his bike, and he's never had any legal troubles from it. He never rides with them turned on though. He only turns them on when its parked. He had them installed by the dealer in Florida where he bought the bike, so apparently they are legal there.5. How can I get red and blue grow lights on a budget?Walmart has cool white fluorescent bulbs very cheap. I grow African violets under them with no problems. I run mine 10 hours a day and a tube will last 1yr or a little longer. Depends on how many hours you are running them. I put mine on a timer so I don't have to remember to turn on and off. Seriously, they are the cheapest I have found online and offline.6. RED 4x22 or 6x22 LED Lights from US Seller?You get them from companies that supply police agencies, or get them installed courtesy the agency that entitles you to have them. If you totally legally need them, that is what you do. If you are doing it illegally, Y!A cannot help.7. How much will my power bill really drop if I switch all the bulbs from reg. bulbs to CFL and LED lights?For an average house you might save $5 to $10 a month. It just depends on how many bulbs you have and how long your burn them8. what can power led lights?A genric 12V power supply of adequate capacity will do9. From LED Lights to Home Security: How Electrical Installations Can Improve Your HomeBefore we get to that stage, however, there is still a huge range of electrical installations which can benefit your home in a number of ways. Whether you require increased security, practicality or you simply want to refresh your design, electrical installations can provide an answer. There is already a surprising variety of high-tech electrical products on the market which can be installed by electric companies like us here at Blu Lite. To give you an idea, we've created a guide to help you choose the electrical installations which can improve your home. Security systems are vital for any residential or commercial property. Although many non-electrical security systems - a barking dog, robust door locks, sturdy windows and closed blinds - are still very effective, electrical installations can greatly improve the security of your home. Burglars and other criminals are becoming wise to many security protections, but technology can help homeowners stay one step ahead. With police constantly facing an uphill struggle to deal with rising rates of burglary, here are some products which can better protect you and your home. Home intruder alarms have been around for years and can help you protect your home from theft. Intruder alarms provide a visible deterrent for criminals, as well as an alarm if they do get away with a crime. These products allow you to prevent theft from happening in the first place as well as a system for detecting the criminal. High-tech intruder alarms can go a step further. More sophisticated alarms will detect a nominated person that the alarm has been triggered so that the relevant authorities can be called. Some alarms even alert manned security companies who will then notify the police immediately. Similarly to intruder alarms, CCTV systems also act as a deterrent and a means to apprehend a criminal. Most burglars are opportunistic and will only attempt a theft if they believe they can get away with it quickly. The presence of a CCTV electrical installation will give them pause for thought. If a crime does take place, your CCTV should provide critical evidence for the police to pursue an investigation and, hopefully, retrieve whatever was stolen and apprehend the burglars. Working with local electricians, you can discover the best place to position your cameras to get a full 360-degree Many high-tech security cameras can feed the video to your tablet or smartphone to give you around the clock view of your home wherever you are in the world. Many of these products are also now significantly less expensive than they used to be but remain just as effective. Finally, security lighting is the other main electrical installation which can improve the security of your property. Security lights feature a motion sensor and will activate when 'tripped' by someone or something moving in the path of the sensor. These lights create clear visibility to prevent potential thieves from moving around your property in the dark. Sophisticated security lights can reach much further and are far more sensitive to motion. For the best security results, it's advised to combine these three security measures together. CCTV will help you to apprehend a criminal if they get away with theft as well as monitor your home. Alarms will alert the relevant authorities as soon as a burglary takes place and security lights provide the illumination to ensure a criminal is easily identifiable. The High-Tech Electrical Installations That Will Light Up Your Home As well as providing you with a high-quality security system, electrical installations can also improve the way you light your home. Whether you are looking to improve the energy efficiency of your property or use them as a design feature, changing your lighting can have a positive impact. Smart lighting and automated lighting systems are now available to buy across the world. These smart lights can be controlled to turn on and off at predetermined times. They can also be controlled by your smartphone or tablet to give you access wherever you are. If you think you may have forgotten to turn a light off as you leave for work, you can turn it off from your smart system. Automated lighting systems provide the ultimate control for your home. You can control precisely how dim or bright lights are and transform your home with just the click of a button. By having your lighting systems centrally controlled, you can even start to remove light switches from your property, which gives you greater flexibility when it comes to interior design. When choosing the type of lighting, it's critical to keep cost and efficiency at the front of your mind. Although incandescent bulbs are often the cheapest to buy from a hardware shop, they can cost more in the long run. Incandescent bulbs only last for around 1000 hours of use. This might seem like a lot at first glance, but LEDs can last up to an astonishing 50,000 hours. LEDs are more expensive to buy and install, however, they should save you in the long run bu reducing the number of bulbs you have to buy. LEDs are also significantly more energy-efficient. Incandescent bulbs transfer as much as 90% of the energy they consume into heat rather than light. For LEDs, those figures are inverted with only as little as 10% converting into heat. This means that the cost of your bills can fall if you change your lights from incandescent bulbs to How To Create a More Inviting Garden With Electrical Installations Lighting systems do not have to be limited to inside the home. Working with local electricians, you can create external power points which can help you to illuminate your garden. When the summer comes around, there's nothing better than having a well-lighted garden so your parties can go on well into the night. Electric companies will be able to survey your home and advise where new sockets and power points can be installed. Choosing an Electric Company For Your Electrical Installations When choosing an electric company to work with for your electrical installations, ensure that they have the credentials to complete the job at hand. Working with an experienced team who are well-versed in the latest electrical installations and technology will ensure you are in safe hands. Are You Trying To Find an Electrician in Kent? Look No Further Than Blu Lite Electrical Services If you require home electrical repair work in Orpington, look no further than Blu Lite Electrical Services. Whether you want information on the cost to rewire your house or you need services for a commercial property, we can help. Operating in Kent and the surrounding area of London, we've been in business for more than three decades. If you need an organisation you can trust to be reliable and provide a high-quality service, choose us. We have all the required experience and skill to complete the job at hand. For electrical installations, like the ones discussed throughout this blog, or electrical repairs, we are on hand to help.
How to Add Red Led Light to My White Led Lights
Whats the best way to wire the red led to this system?White LEDs have a forward voltage of about 3V and red LEDs are about 2V. With a 9V supply you can wire two white and one red in series. To get the right luminous intensity balanced between the white and red you use the LED's rated intensity to increase or decrease the brightness. Doing it this way will not have any effect on battery life if the resistor is changed to provide the same current. When powering LEDs with batteries it is advantageous to use high output (mcd) LEDs. The white Cree 5mm Round LED C503D-WAN has a typical luminous intensity of 48,000 mcd (64,600 mcd max) at 20 mA and a Vf of 3.2V. At 10 mA the Vf drops to 3V and the luminous intensity is still very bright. You could reduce the current to 1 mA and it will still be brighter (2,400 mcd) than many of the cheap white LEDs. Even though they cost 24 they will easily save that much in battery cost. Now that the LED's Vf is below 3V you may be able to wire three white in series if the Vf is below 2.8V at 1 mA. Another thing is to try and match the LEDs Vf with the battery voltage. If the Vf is just a little below the battery's voltage you will get the best efficiency. You must look at the discharge curve of the battery to see how much the battery voltage changes over its lifespan. If you use a 9V lithium battery (or 3 CR2450 620 mAh, CR2430 320 mAh , or CR2032 235 mAh) the discharge curve is such that the battery voltage remains above 8.5V for most of its lifespan. Lithium (good for LEDs) has a very flat discharge slope and alkaline (not so good for LEDs) slope is relatively steep.source 9V Ultimate LithiumWhereas the voltage of a 9V alkaline will drop significantly over its lifespan. The best way to power LEDs with a battery is to use a boost step up constant current LED driver. There are some very simple boost circuits that work with battery voltages very well such as the MCP1662 in a 5-Lead SOT-23 package. The MCP1662 is a compact, space-efficient, fixed-frequency, non-synchronous step-up converter optimized to drive LED strings with constant current from a two- or three-cell alkaline or lithium Energizer, or NiMH/NiCd, or one-cell Li-Ion or Li-Po batteries.Whats the best way to wire the red led to this system? I have it now hooked up to 1 300 ohm resistor & each two white led lights out of 4 hook to 200 ohm resistor. The entry unit is powered by 3 x 3 V coin cell batteries n controlled by on/off switch but when all connected all the lights are very dim! Please help.Should I use a complete different power source just for the red Led? Or is the resistor values not correct? It worked fine when just powering all 4 white leds but now it seems to not get full power across each led!·OTHER ANSWER:Whats the best way to wire the red led to this system? I have it now hooked up to 1 300 ohm resistor & each two white led lights out of 4 hook to 200 ohm resistor. The entry unit is powered by 3 x 3 V coin cell batteries n controlled by on/off switch but when all connected all the lights are very dim! Please help.Should I use a complete different power source just for the red Led? Or is the resistor values not correct? It worked fine when just powering all 4 white leds but now it seems to not get full power across each led!
Digital Control LED Lights Up the New Color of Life
In the hot download of "processor and DSP special issue" on electronic enthusiast network in December, how can we do without you!Electronic light-emitting devices are everywhere, and lighting that can project any color is becoming more and more common. Led leads the development of color changing lighting in the direction of more efficiency, easier access and lower cost. With the help of LED, designers have found a unique combination of efficiency, mixed tone light function and long service life. The LED can be digitally controlled by digital signal controller (DSC), which makes the lighting have the ability of intelligence and communication with the outside world. Designers can use these functions freely to realize various innovative and exciting functions in LED lighting.Most engineers are very familiar with typical low-power LED indicators, whether surface mount or classic in-line package. Using these LED indicators requires only a voltage source and a series resistance with appropriate resistance value to make the LED current meet the specification - usually less than 5 mA. Connecting the LED with the GPIO pin of the single chip microcomputer can realize one of the most common applications - flashing LED. However, if 10 high brightness, high current LEDs with a forward current of more than 350 Ma are connected in series, all these simplicity will disappear.Figure 1: luminous flux proportional to forward currentThe primary problem of high brightness LED is how to effectively maintain high constant current to maintain its brightness and color. As shown in Figure 1, the luminous flux of the LED (an effective measure of the amount of light emitted by the LED) is related to the forward current through the LED. This indicates that to achieve consistent color and light output, the forward current (if) through the LED needs to be kept constant. If only one resistor is connected in series with the LED, the forward current can be determined by the following formula: if = (vssource VF) / R. When the source voltage (vssource) changes, the forward current (if) will also fluctuate, resulting in a change in the amount of light emitted by the LED. This clearly shows that the power supply used to drive the LED needs to be able to effectively adjust the forward current of the LED. In general, a characteristic of LEDs and diodes is that the forward voltage (VF) increases with temperature - even if the forward current is constant and regulated. As shown in Figure 2, if the forward voltage of the LED changes, if the forward current is not properly adjusted, the forward current will also increase. This again illustrates the need to properly adjust the forward current through the LED rather than the forward voltage.Figure 2: effect of change of forward voltage on forward currentAnother major challenge is fever. High power LEDs heat up - very hot. Overheating can significantly shorten the service life of LEDs and may also lead to premature led failure. By effectively controlling the forward current of the LED, the designer can determine the heat dissipation demand according to the target forward current and the estimated forward voltage. A temperature sensor can also be used to monitor possible overheating. In addition to the above problems, high brightness LEDs have other problems that must be solved. However, with the intelligence of DSC, these problems can be solved by software based control.LEDs have the amazing ability to change light output almost instantaneously. This makes LEDs ideal for color lighting applications because colors can change quickly. Just connect the red, green and blue LEDs or LED strings in series, and any color of the rainbow can be realized by adjusting the brightness of each LED. At this time, the dimming of each LED becomes a design challenge. Since the forward current of the LED determines the brightness, it is obvious to simply increase or decrease the forward current of each LED. But this creates a problem. When the forward current of the LED changes, its color will also change slightly. This is not ideal in applications where color accuracy must be maintained. Therefore, we do not directly reduce or increase the forward current of the LED, but make the forward current change in pulses. In this way, the dimming effect is the same as that of reducing the forward current. As shown in Figure 3, the effect of this method is obvious. The red dashed line represents the average current and produces a perceptible change in brightness. However, the forward current through the LED remains constant, so the color can remain unchanged.Figure 3: pulse forward current will produce perceptible brightness change
How to Wire a Set of Led Lights to Daily Timer?
i am uncertain what you prefer to base your timer on. in case you are finding at digital circuitry, do a seek on IC555. it incredibly is a chip many times utilized in timing circuits. in case you prefer some thing a splash greater pre-fab, look into your close by ironmongery shop in the area for backyard sprinkler structures and outdoors lights. they have timer circuits which you will artwork from (even with the incontrovertible fact that the output would desire to no longer journey up with what you prefer on your LED.)1. CAN REGULAR LED LIGHTS GROW WEED.?Only when the plant is a baby, once it starts to get bigger and more dependent on the light you will need a good grow light. I've used florescent's before but it takes a lot of them and they get really hot so ventilation is a must ,plus your forever having to by those sun bulbs and they add up after a while2. How to install a computer cases LED Lights?Well actually, DOUG, attaching lights to anything DOES make it go faster. Along with painting flames on it, there is nothing that can speed it up quite as much. Just look at street racing cars3. How Can I Wire Flashing LED Lights Into A Car?some states in basic terms enable blue lights fixtures on police autos, and pink for fire autos. and a few cities are choosy too. so call the police dept. and ask if there are any regulations in you section, then call the state point too or the DOT on your state4. do you have led lights on yourwe got them last year for our tree inside and YES they look like Hyper White Car lights!! Needless to say they are not up this year...really did not like them!5. Is it bad to smoke weed every night JUST to sleep?If you are not under 18 and it's legal where you live, I would say that the 30 mins on your phone before bed is counter productive if you are using cannabis as a sleep aid, and from and is probably more of a health hazard then taking one or two hits as a grown adult.Blue light has a dark side - Harvard Health states this info about the harms of artificial blue light created by cell phoneBlue light has a dark sideExposure to blue light at night, emitted by electronics and energy-efficient lightbulbs, harmful to your health.Until the advent of artificial lighting, the sun was the major source of lighting, and people spent their evenings in (relative) darkness. Now, in much of the world, evenings are illuminated, and we take our easy access to all those lumens pretty much for granted.But we may be paying a price for basking in all that light. At night, light throws the body's biological clock-the circadian rhythm-out of whack. Sleep suffers. Worse, research shows that it may contribute to the causation of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.But not all colors of light have the same effect. Blue wavelengths-which are beneficial during daylight hours because they boost attention, reaction times, and mood-seem to be the most disruptive at night. And the proliferation of electronics with screens, as well as energy-efficient lighting, is increasing our exposure to blue wavelengths, especially after sundown.Daily rhythms influenced by lightEveryone has slightly different circadian rhythms, but the average length is 24 and one-quarter hours. The circadian rhythm of people who stay up late is slightly longer, while the rhythms of earlier birds fall short of 24 hours. Dr. Charles Czeisler of Harvard Medical School showed, in 1981, that daylight keeps a person's internal clock aligned with the environment.The health risks of nighttime lightStudy after study has linked working the night shift and exposure to light at night to several types of cancer (breast, prostate), diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. It's not exactly clear why nighttime light exposure seems to be so bad for us. But we do know that exposure to light suppresses the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that influences circadian rhythms, and there's some experimental evidence (it's very preliminary) that lower melatonin levels might explain the association with cancer.A Harvard study shed a little bit of light on the possible connection to diabetes and possibly obesity. The researchers put 10 people on a schedule that gradually shifted the timing of their circadian rhythms. Their blood sugar levels increased, throwing them into a prediabetic state, and levels of leptin, a hormone that leaves people feeling full after a meal, went down.Even dim light can interfere with a person's circadian rhythm and melatonin secretion. A mere eight lux-a level of brightness exceeded by most table lamps and about twice that of a night light-has an effect, notes Stephen Lockley, a Harvard sleep researcher. Light at night is part of the reason so many people do not get enough sleep, says Lockley, and researchers have linked short sleep to increased risk for depression, as well as diabetes and cardiovascular problems.The power of the bluesWhile light of any kind can suppress the secretion of melatonin, blue light at night does so more powerfully. Harvard researchers and their colleagues conducted an experiment comparing the effects of 6. 5 hours of exposure to blue light to exposure to green light of comparable brightness. The blue light suppressed melatonin for about twice as long as the green light and shifted circadian rhythms by twice as much (3 hours vs. 1.5 hours).In another study of blue light, researchers at the University of Toronto compared the melatonin levels of people exposed to bright indoor light who were wearing blue-light-blocking goggles to people exposed to regular dim light without wearing goggles. The fact that the levels of the hormone were about the same in the two groups strengthens the hypothesis that blue light is a potent suppressor of melatonin. It also suggests that shift workers and night owls could perhaps protect themselves if they wore eyewear that blocks blue light. Inexpensive sunglasses with orange-tinted lenses block blue light, but they also block other colors, so they are not suitable for use indoors at night. Glasses that block out only blue light can cost up to $80.Less-blue lightIf blue light does have adverse health effects, then environmental concerns, and the quest for energy-efficient lighting, could be at odds with personal health. Those curlicue compact fluorescent lightbulbs and LED lights are much more energy-efficient than the old-fashioned incandescent lightbulbs we grew up with. But they also tend to produce more blue light.The physics of fluorescent lights can not be changed, but coatings inside the bulbs can be so they produce a warmer, less blue light. LED lights are more efficient than fluorescent lights, but they also produce a fair amount of light in the blue spectrum. Richard Hansler, a light researcher at John Carroll University in Cleveland, notes that ordinary incandescent lights also produce some blue light, although less than most fluorescent lightbulbs.What you can doUse dim red lights for night lights. Red light has the least power to shift circadian rhythm and suppress melatonin. Avoid looking at bright screens beginning two to three hours before bed.If you work a night shift or use a lot of electronic devices at night, consider wearing blue-blocking glasses or installing an app that filters the blue/green wavelength at night.Expose yourself to lots of bright light during the day, which will boost your ability to sleep at night, as well as your mood and alertness during daylight. In the past I've enjoyed cannabis nightly and much more than 2 hits a night.ResultsSlept betterLess pain and nausea caused by my Crohn's diseaseAnxiety reliefAnd an reduction in my depressionPeople often tell me that I am very intelligent, and often are surprised with the plethora of knowledge I have on numerous subjects. No one ever calls me a lazy person and employers often complement my productivity. Is it bad to smoke weed every night JUST to sleep?
What You Need to Know About Installing LED Lights in Your Car Or Truck
Like many car, truck, and sport utility vehicle(SUV) owners across the country and around the world, you may be highly interested in converting different lights on your vehicle with light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs. This may include the replacement of LED headlights, LED taillights, LED fog lights, and a full spectrum of LED lights for the interior. With that noted, there are a number of important facts and factors to bear in mind when it comes to converting to LED lights.LED Lights Are the Future of Vehicle IlluminationIf you are like many people, you are interested in being up-to-date with the latest and greatest technology. The fact is that LED lights represent the future of vehicle illumination. With each passing year, not only are an ever-increasing number of motor vehicle owners switching out their traditional lighting equipment to LED options but manufacturers are more frequently building vehicles with LED lights as standard equipment. This trend certainly is expected to continue into the future.Due to the manner in which LED lights are designed and manufactured, they create significantly more illumination output per watt than do their traditional incandescent bulb counterparts. Perhaps more significantly, LED light accomplishes this important objective by using what amounts to only a fraction of the electrical draw associated with traditional incandescent alternatives.Moreover, LED lights do not waste power creating unnecessary heat energy. As a consequence, LED lights are relatively cool to the touch in nearly all situations.Finally, unlike traditional incandescent bulbs, LED lights have no filament that ends up consumed during use. The net effect of this feature is that LED lights have substantially longer lifespans that most incandescent bulbs traditionally found incorporated into motor vehicles.You Can Select the LED Light Bulb Color that Meets Your Needs and DesiresAnother consideration to bear in mind when it comes to selecting LED light bulbs for your car is color. The color decision is easier when it comes to LED headlights, LED fog lights, and LED taillights. When it comes to exterior colors for LED bulbs, the selected light must coordinate with the color of the lens. You must select exterior LED light bulbs that meet the specific legal requirements of the state in which the vehicle is registered. For example, LED bulbs for tail lights must be white or red in order to harmonize with the color of a tail light lens.You have tremendous flexibility when it comes to the colors of LED lights for the interior of your vehicle. LED interior lights come in a wide range of color options:You Can Convert Your Headlight Bulbs to LED with Plug-and-Play BulbsYou may wonder whether there are any LED headlight conversion problems. You may wonder whether there can be issues with other types of LED bulb conversions. The reality is that most conversion kits feature relatively easy-to-use plug-and-play bulbs. This includes h4(high output) LED bulb conversion kits.The reality is that there is a considerable array of different types of LED replacement kits that feature plug-and-play bulbs:These types of kits are compatible with more than just recently-built vehicles. In fact, virtually any car or truck manufactured in the past 50 years is capable of being refitted with plug-and-play LED replacement bulbs.You do need to make a special note about turn signal LED replacement bulbs. If you intend to replace your front and rear turn signal bulbs to LED derivations, bear in mind that many vehicles have what is known as a flasher unit. The flasher unit is designed to work with traditional incandescent bulbs.As a consequence, an issue may arise when the objective is to replace traditional incandescent turn signal bulbs with LED alternatives. Without a resistor (a specialized adapter), replacing a traditional bulb with an LED one can result in turn signal lights flashing far too rapidly. This condition is called "hyper flashing." The flasher unit might interpret this hyper flashing as being a burned-out bulb, when that technically is not the case.Hyper flashing can be avoided by obtaining a set of relatively easy to install resistors. In very basic terms, resistors fool the flasher unit so that the unit does not interpret hyper flashing as a bulb failure or burned out bulb.A resistor creates the proper amount of resistance. This action results in the front and back turn signals flashing at the correct or proper rate.Invest Now in LED Lights for Your VehicleWhile LED lights generally do cost more than traditional incandescent alternatives, paying a bit more for this type of lighting nearly always proves to be a cost-saving investment in the long run. Because LED lights have a longer lifespan than incandescent bulbs, they need replacement with significant less frequency than traditional alternatives.Indeed, if you end up owning your vehicle the average length of time a person keeps a car, truck, or SUV, odds are strong that you may never reach the day in which the replacement of LED lights become an option. This is the case with factory-installed bulbs as well as replacement LED bulbs.If you are contemplating giving your vehicle an upgrade, replacing traditional light bulbs on and in your ride is a great way of enhancing your car, truck, or SUV on many levels. Through LED bulbs, you can improve the overall illumination associated with your vehicle. You can enhance your vehicle's looks and save money in the long term.Parents whose kids have Power Wheels cars/trucks?What do you say to all the suffering that went on before we blew up Baghdad? What do you say to the kids whose mom's were raped and tortured by Saddam's thugs? What do you tell the kids whose fathers were beaten and tortured and killed for no good reason accept for the blood thirsty twisted maniacal Saddam and sons found their deaths entertaining? What about Islam? What do we tell our kids when they come here and for the sake of their Allah, torture and mutilate us because their religion tells them to? Would that be better? You only see what the media shows you. You are not there. You do not know see what is really going on there. The media only tells the sensational part of the story and believe it or not it only tells what the government finds helpful. Understand this as well. When you sign the dotted line and join the armed forces you offer your life. There is always a chance that war will happen even in peace time and those soldiers knew what they were doing when they signed. That is why we honor them and hold them in such high regards. They are doing a job only few can do. God bless them! I am grateful for their sacrifice to keep me safe. That is the nature of war. If we had not gone to war with Islam (essentially that is what we are fighting) and terrorism, we would have appeared weak to the rest of the world which would have opened the door for them to do exactly what they dream of doing; destroy us. The enemy exploits all weakness when the desired result is destruction. Imperialism? Seriously. So would you call our current Prez one who believes in democracy? Please. No they were not from Iraq but they were Islam with one mission in mind; seek and destroy. They were Al-Queada which are from Afghanistan (where we are also fighting currently) but again, it is Islam and terrorists which most of the time go hand-in-hand. Al-Queade, Taliban, Hamas are all anti-American and if we do not keep ourselves safe from ALL of them they will come here and hurt us on our own soil like the did on 9/11
Can I Use Speaker Wire to Light My 12v Led Lights in My Car?
U can plug them into something counting on length of lighting fixtures fixtures u ought to blow them with the amp yet while u hook them into speaker terminals they artwork effective I also have a strip from Walmart plugged into my door audio equipment and that they artwork great1. Where can i buy a custom ps3 remote with LED lights and rapid fire ?The Sly sequence Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Jak & Daxter sequence Assassins Creed Assassins Crees: Ezio Trilogy Assassins Creed 3 metallic kit solid: The Legacy sequence Uncharted: Drakes Fortunes Uncharted 2: between Thieves Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim pink ineffective Redemption L.A. Noire Gran Turismo 5: XL version God of conflict Saga Borderlands: pastime of the three hundred and sixty 5 days version Borderlands 2 Bioshock countless (is composed of unique Bioshock) Batman Arkham Asylum: pastime of the three hundred and sixty 5 days version Batman Arkham city: pastime of the three hundred and sixty 5 days version COD: modern-day conflict 2 Off PSN: GTA Vice city - $9.ninety 9 GTA San Andreas - $14.ninety 9 Resident Evil 4 HD - $19.ninety 92. LED Lights on my motorcycle drain the battery! help!?Sorry your incorrect about a short. Kawasaki250 battery is not set to handle more power draw. The lights are not the problem it is the remote box. It still draws from the battery if it sits takes 2 week without being started.3. where can i get led lights?You can buy the materials you need at your local Radio Shack4. can anybody explain to me how i could instal interior underglow(led lights) to my car w/o the cigarete lighter?Just run wires straight from the battery for positive and negative5. Where can I talk to professionals for free about updating all my home lighting?There are plenty of resources online that might already provide you with the answers you are looking for. For instance, here's one article we've developed on upgrading to LED lights:Boost Your Home Value with LightingAnother important piece we put together includes a video and infographic explaining all the primary upgrade options:Replacing Your Incandescent Light BulbsThrough the blog, you are welcome to leave a reply with general questions and we will do our best to provide answers.Of course if you have questions specific to your home, then you will probably need to call a local expert and they may charge for their help. Where can I talk to professionals for free about updating all my home lighting?6. Convert my solar charged LED lights to AC?drgforconvertsolarlighttoAC7. How many LED lights are shining in your home right now?More then I could guess. Because after the standard Christmas Color Lights: 1) Then they are changed with Red & White for Valentine's Day, 2) Green & White For St. Patrick's Day. 3) Multicolor's for Easter. 4) Red, White & Blue for Memorial Day, Flag Day, Labor Day. 5) Orange & White for Halloween. 6) Back to Christmas. And that does NOT include all of the electronic devices, remotes, computers, phones, Dvr's, TV's, Microwave's, Blah Blah, Blah. I FEED the electric company. You should see how fast my Electric Meter goes around.8. How to Make a Fake FireThere's nothing quite like the gentle, warm crackle of a real fire. Unfortunately, there are many places where open flames are inappropriate or unsafe - for instance, during a stage production or at an indoor party. For these situations, fake yet realistic prop flames can create the atmosphere of a real fire without the risk. Add New Question What kind of LED lights am I looking for? Just standard colored light bulbs that I could plug into any lamp in my house? Look for a very small one that is soft white or even a yellow bug bulb but check that the socket it screws into has the correct base. LED wo not save you anything since the flame does not need much light. Ask at your local home improvement store. Instead of using a hot glue gun, what can I use? You could try Gorilla glue or just basic Elmer's glue, but the hot glue helps it to be more stable and stick longer. My friends and I are using cardboard logs for the fire. Is that okay to do? As long as it's not a real fire and the logs are not too close to the light. Where can I get a flat fan? A hardware store near you would be the best place to look for a flat fan. If that's unsuccessful, you can find one online. What kind of fabric works best for the flames? I would say either satin, silk, or felt. What is the cloth you use for the flame? Any light cloth should do the trick. Thin cotton is a good choice. You can even use tissue paper. What should the coals look like on my fire? Coals generally look like black lumps of rock with red embers around them. Do I have to add lights and a fan? You do not have to, but your fire will be much more convincing if you do. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Submit
A Guide to LED Lights
Light emitting diode (or, in the more common term, LED) lights have become increasingly popular in homes and businesses across the United States. The thing is, not all light fixtures and switches are appropriate for this type of bulb. Not all dimmer switches can be used with LED bulbs.If you are looking for a new light fixture or dimmer, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind. You will want to make sure the lamps you use are dimmable. One way to do this is to make sure that the package is clearly labeled dimmable. Stick with brands you know.You will want to make sure you understand the brightness range of each light bulb you are considering and choose the LED light bulb that will give the brightness you are looking for. Before you choose a bulb, choose the specific dimmer mechanism. That choice should guide your choices of light bulbs, and even lamps.When you are choosing a dimmer switch or lamp to install, it is important to research the compatibility of the lamp or switch and the LED light bulb. One way to get that information is to ask the manufacturer, especially if you are not sure which dimmer to choose. You will want to choose a dimmer designed for an LED bulb. This is because that dimmer is designed to give the best light for that type of bulb. There are minimum and maximum load capacities, and by using parts designed for LEDs, you will have some assurance that you wo not overload the dimmer.There are four types of dimmers to choose from. These differ in the number of fixtures they control, where they affect lights, and even the lights they control. A single pole dimmer works for the lights controlled by only one dimmer, which turns your lights on and off or dims them. A three-way or four-way dimmer is appropriate for lighting systems that have a single dimmer and other switches to control their light output.A multiple-location dimmer is useful if you want to control a light fixture from more than one room. The plug-in dimmer is one that plugs into a wall outlet and controls your table and floor lamps.When you are deciding on the right dimmer for your home, you will need to know the maximum wattage load. Electrical professionals note that it is important not to overload the capacity of the dimmer switch. Electricians often suggest using no more than 25% of the maximum watt load for the switch.The easiest way to choose a dimmer that is capable of working properly with the LED power requirements is to buy a dimmer made specifically for that sort of light.Like fixtures and types of dimmers, there are a variety of controls for dimmer systems, wall mounted and other controls. Slide switches often include an on/off switch that's a push button or toggle, in addition to the slider to set the level of dimming. Toggle switches look just like traditional light switches. In addition to the on-off switch, there may also be a touchpad to raise or lower the dimming level.Rotary dimmers are an older style. These adjust with a turn of a knob, and turn off by pushing the knob in. Digital dimmer controls often look like the slider models but have a touchpad for controls. These can be programmed for specific light settings at specific times.There are several controls specifically designed for lamps too:• Tabletop dimmers plug into the wall, and the lamp. The dimmer control sits on a surface to make it easy to reach.• Cord dimmers are on the electrical cord of the lamp. These are often circular switches and turn with pressure.• Socket dimmers replace the bulb socket in a lamp. These convert a regular socket to a dimmable lamp.Choosing the Right Light Fixture or LampOnce you've chosen the right LED dimmer mechanism, it's time to start thinking about your light fixtures, or lamps. And no, these are not the same thing. To avoid issues, it might be a good idea to choose the same brand or model for all of the fixtures or lamps you want to use LED bulbs in. This ensures that they will work with the same driver and power load. Fixtures are things like recessed lights, or under cabinet lighting. Fixtures designed for LED lights usually have an external driver. Lamps have sockets that bulbs screw into. LED lamps have internal drivers for determining the dimming capability.Contact Randy's Electric today with any inquiries regarding LED light and dimming options!Can Energy Star bulbs work in dimmers?some do and some dont, be sure to buy the right one
Want to Install New Led Lights but They Have Aluminum Wires , Can I Join to Copper Wiring with Merri
Although I doubt you have aluminum wiring in a new device (probably tinned copper). You can join aluminum wire to copper wire with alumiconns. These are special wire nuts that have a special jell inside and these are 1 use only (alumiconns are usually purple or the 2 brands I have used are purple) for example the box I have on the shelf is ideal brand Twister AL/CU, these are listed for aluminum to copper wire connections. Regular wire nuts create a fire hazard with copper to aluminum connections so it can or needs to be done with alumiconns. I would bet you have tinned stranded wire coming from the new fixture. If you take a knife and scrape the wires there will s probably copper under the tin. If copper under the tin you can just use a standard wire it that is the correct size for the wire.1. i want to connect a led lights to my dome light on my scion tc.?To hook up LED lights you must use a resistor to drop the voltage that is going to the light. If you do not the lights will immediately blow once your 12 volts is sent to them. Sorry but I am not sure what size of resistor you will need.2. What are Future Trends and Application of Surgical Lights Market in 2019 – 2023? | MedgadgetA new market study, titled "Surgical Lights Market Report, by Product Type (Surgical Lights and Examination), Technology (Led and Halogen Lights), Application (Surgical Suites, Endoscopy Procedures, Dental Procedures), End-User (Hospital Operating Rooms)-Global Forecast Till 2023" has been featured on WiseGuyReports. Otherwise called surgical light head or operating light, the surgical light is a kind of medical equipment that is used for helping the specialists and the doctors amid major and also minor surgeries. Proper lighting of the surgical area is very much essential inside the operation theatre for avoiding any kind of injury to the patient. These lights are generally manufactured according to their specifications like brightness, homogeneity, Color Rendering Index (CRI), shadow dilution, Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), and many others. The global surgical lights market is anticipated to grow rapidly at a CAGR of 4.53% during the prediction period (2017-2023). The global market is expected to reach the valuation of USD 595.00 million by the year 2023. These lights are essentially required for performing surgical suites, dental procedures, endoscopy procedures, and other minor surgeries. This is the reason why there is a higher demand for surgical lights in various healthcare departments. Therefore, it becomes the major factor behind the growth of the global surgical lights market. The global surgical lights market is bifurcated based on its type, application, technology, end users and geographical demand. On the basis of its type, the global surgical lights market is divided into examination lights and surgical lights. On the basis of its application, the global market is segmented into endoscopy procedures, surgical suites, dental procedures, and others. Based on its technology, the global surgical lights market is divided into LED lights and halogen lights. Based on its end-user industry, the market is classified into ambulatory surgical centers, hospital operating rooms, and procedure rooms. Region wise, the global surgical lights market is divided into global regions like Europe, North America, Asia- Pacific, Middle East, LATAM, and Africa. The major players of the surgical lights market are BihlerMED, A-dec Inc., CV Medical, Herbert Waldmann GmbH & Co. KG, Getinge AB, Hill-Rom Services Inc., KONINKLIJKE PHILIPS N.V., Integra LifeSciences Corporation, S.I.M.E.O.N. Medical GmbH & Co. KG, SKYTRON, Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd., STERIS plc, Sunnex Group, Stryker, Technomed India, among others. Wise Guy Reports is part of the Wise Guy Research Consultants Pvt. Ltd. and offers premium progressive statistical surveying, market research reports, analysis & forecast data for industries and governments around the globe.3. LED lights on Street Bikes Legal in Canada?Yes, no red up front4. do led lights have that blue glow?Take the bulb you have to the hardware store with you and get them to match it5. How to Make a Fake FireThere's nothing quite like the gentle, warm crackle of a real fire. Unfortunately, there are many places where open flames are inappropriate or unsafe - for instance, during a stage production or at an indoor party. For these situations, fake yet realistic prop flames can create the atmosphere of a real fire without the risk. Add New Question What kind of LED lights am I looking for? Just standard colored light bulbs that I could plug into any lamp in my house? Look for a very small one that is soft white or even a yellow bug bulb but check that the socket it screws into has the correct base. LED wo not save you anything since the flame does not need much light. Ask at your local home improvement store. Instead of using a hot glue gun, what can I use? You could try Gorilla glue or just basic Elmer's glue, but the hot glue helps it to be more stable and stick longer. My friends and I are using cardboard logs for the fire. Is that okay to do? As long as it's not a real fire and the logs are not too close to the light. Where can I get a flat fan? A hardware store near you would be the best place to look for a flat fan. If that's unsuccessful, you can find one online. What kind of fabric works best for the flames? I would say either satin, silk, or felt. What is the cloth you use for the flame? Any light cloth should do the trick. Thin cotton is a good choice. You can even use tissue paper. What should the coals look like on my fire? Coals generally look like black lumps of rock with red embers around them. Do I have to add lights and a fan? You do not have to, but your fire will be much more convincing if you do. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Submit
Are LED Lights Eco-Friendly?
Light-emitting diodes are an eco-friendly lighting choice. LEDs are an energy-efficient alternative to traditional incandescent light bulbs, which waste 90 percent of the energy they consume on heat. Other energy-efficient lighting options include halogen incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescent lamps. All incandescent and fluorescent lights produce light that flows in all directions, wasting light as well as heat.LEDs are a rapidly advancing technology that uses energy more efficiently and can save energy in indirect ways, such as with air-conditioning costs (see References 1). LEDs use small, powerful sources of light that illuminate when electrons move through semiconductor materials. They shine in only one direction, produce a small fraction of the heat of fluorescent and incandescent lights, and lasting longer than other types of lighting.Energy Star, a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy, labels LED lights that meet its energy-efficiency guidelines. Although LED lighting design creates efficiencies, poorly designed LED lights do not meet the potential of the technology. Energy Star guidelines require that LEDs consume at least 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs and last 15 times longer. In addition, the bulb must turn on instantly.LED low energy-usage saves money in utility bills. As of 2011, an Energy Star-qualified LED bulb has an average operating cost of $1 per year. That compares to annual costs of $1.20 for an Energy Star-qualified compact fluorescent bulb, $3.50 for a halogen incandescent bulb and $4.80 for a traditional incandescent bulb. In addition, an Energy Star-qualified LED bulb's longer life -- ranging from a minimum of 15 times longer than a traditional incandescent bulb to a maximum of 25 times longer -- means there is much lower turnover of bulbs in your house. (See References 2 and 3) Technological advances with LEDs raise hopes for significantly reducing electricity usage in the United States. LED lighting could cut the electricity demand in the country by 1/3, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. The estimated savings from that adoption would total $265 billion, including preventing the construction of 40 new power plants.
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