Are Cell Phone Chargers Interchangeable?

The makers of the telephones ought to kit deal a charger with the telephone in any different case clarify a thank you to recharge the battery. So in the event that they must try this then they do no longer prefer to easily say get a charger from an electronics shop. in the event that they assume one and all to have a working laptop or laptop then they could merely say plug it into the laptop or comprise a usb cord with the telephone yet i think they are not that useful. The batteries final long sufficient that changing it would probable be around the time a customer is wanting a clean telephone so till you get a used telephone there is probable no ought to get a clean battery for one. so as that they do no longer prefer to easily say get a battery from an electronics shop too

1. Is an animal cell a general name for all cells or an actual cell?

An animal cell is a cell which comes from an animal. Simple as that. So you are right that it is general. Of course there are many different types of animal cells, which differentiate according to genetic activity - e.g. sperm cells, egg cells, neurones, erythrocytes (red blood cells), leucocytes (white blood cells), thrombocytes (platelets), epithelial cells etc. If I were you, I would say that the stem cell is the most important type of cell as it is the most basic form of cell that can differentiate into any other body cell (which is why research into their use is so coveted by those with diseases which deteriorate cells).

2. what type of cell has cell walls and membrane-bound organelles?

it is perfectly a plant cell because it is turgid and hard whereas an animal cell is bounded by plasma membrane which is not so strong as plant cell

3. cell phone roaming and service?

You can use your verizon wireless pho ne in that area. You will not need to go into a store and have it updated or anything. Text messaging is most likely not available. If it does work though...they can charge you up to 25 cents a message sent and 10 cents normal rates. If you place a call from their it will cost $1.29 a minute. Plus airtime. You must be sure to call verizon wireless at *611 from your phone to add international dialing. This will enable you to dial back to the US and in the bahamas. More Information: I-DIAL Making international calls, and roaming in most countries, requires international dialing capability (I-DIAL) on your account. You can make calls to and roam in some North American countries without I-DIAL. You can remove I-DIAL at any time by calling Customer Service. International Roaming International roaming requires digital or tri-mode CDMA phone with current roaming software. Roaming in South Korea requires a manual update to your phone's software. I-DIAL required for CDMA roaming in many countries. Rates, terms, and conditions apply only when roaming on participating networks in published countries. Service may be available in additional countries, but rates and service availability (including return calls from emergency services personnel) may be restricted. Where available, calls placed to directory assistance, entertainment lines, and any third-party services are billed (along with applicable toll charges) in addition to roaming rates. When roaming near country borders, calls may be carried by a cell site located in a neighboring country and billed at that country's rates. Text messaging not available everywhere. Premium text messaging programs that are accessible domestically are also accessible when roaming internationally and charges will be in addition to text messaging roaming charges. Message waiting indicator service is not available to customers with V-Block and where text messaging is not available. Availability of service and features, including the ability to make and receive international calls, varies by serving carrier and location and may be restricted without notice. See for rates and countries.

4. cell phones,can a sanyo/sprint cell phone be used for verizon ?

no you wouldnt. in certainty, i only have been given a sparkling verizon telephone off of ebay and set it up with my previous settlement. the capture is, you may might desire to attend around 2 years considering the fact which you activated your telephone to gt yet another from the verizon internet site. yet once you dont wanna try this, only go onto ebay or something and get a phon from there. to turn on it, only go directly to the cyber web internet site and be certain the thank you to do it from there. its fantastically undemanding =)

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