Are Bigger Bars on a Bmx Bike Better Than Smaller Bars?

Actually for barspins larger bars are better. More momentum. Not many pros use small bars anymore

1. what do the bars stand for on the "stars and bars" flag?


2. which bars are better??(bmx)?

Fit 4-Piece anyday ! seriously they are going to be the strongest and they are the best looking. I ride with some a bike co bob scerbo 4 piece and they are so good but yer go for anything that is 4 piece you wo not regret it

3. Kids in bars?

I started I am my dads bar at 14. If you work directly for your family it is legal. There are some great benefits for this too. Parent gets cheep labor and are allowed to pay sub-minimum wages. They can cook,clean,check ID's and sell alcohol. My boss at the bar I am at now started when he was 14 and his sister at 16. Children in the bar is at the discretion of the bartender and owners policy's- if any. You can even be in a bar and drink with your husband if he is of age and you are not!!!!

4. Best bars in Vegas?

Las Vegas is perfect place to enjoy awesome nightlife. There are various casinos, pubs, bars and dance clubs where you can visit. As Las Vegas is known as "Entertainment capital of the world" so you will never get disappointed here. I have been here couple of times and enjoyed a lot. According to my personal experience, Cherry nightclub, Empire ballroom are some of the best night out spots in Las Vegas.

5. getting a hamster today maybe need help?

1) A fair bit - they need food every other day. Even if they have not eaten it, give them fresh food. 2) Two males or two females tends to work best, although most are just as happy on their own 3) No, dwarfs are not easy to hold. They are fast and will get lost very easily - these tend to be more 'look but do not touch' hamsters 4) See 1. 5) You do not need hay, hamsters just need hamster bedding, which you can find in petsmart. 6) That cage is not suitable for a dwarf - it will get straight through the bars. You need one that is totally plastic and only has bars on the lid. 7) Treats are fine, just one every other day or something 8) Toys are fine, you can put the cardboard part of the toilet roll in the cage for them to shred too 9) Again, bars. You need something plastic. I just use a very small plastic fish tank - like a 4.5 gallon good luck with your hammy!

6. GUYS:do you prefer girls w/ short manicured nails w/ pale polish or the long nails w/ colored polish?

As lengthy a s there is not any airborne dirt and dirt under them and the the remainder of the kit is powerful, maximum guy's wo not even word. okay if it truly is an elegant evening out, to the golf equipment or bars and you have have been given your intense heels on, paint your nails a fondness crimson a lengthy with your lips

7. How much would it cost to get a chrome paint job on my bmx forks and bars?

Chrome is not paint. It is actually metal- chromium- deposited onto the metal. This process is called plating. Most plating companies insist that they polish and complete what is called "triple plating". This means that after the bare metal of your fork and bars is done, they first copper plate them, then polish it, then they nickel plate and polish, then finally chrome plate them. My guess is that a job like that woould cost about $300. Before you say that you can buy a whole bike that is chrome plated for less than that, note that the chrome on those bikes has been applied using a process called "flash chrome". Very cheap and very fast. NO plater worth their weight would flash plate anything.

8. How do you smooth frosting on a cake?

Try this one it dries nice and snooth and shiny VIENNESE GLAZE 4 foil wrapped bars ( 8 oz ) semi- sweet chocolate baking bar 2/3 cup heavy cream 3 TBSP powdered sugar 1/4 tsp vanilla In med pan over low heat Combine chocolate bars, heavey cream, and powdered sugar Stir untill mixture is smooth Add vanilla Transfer to small bowl Cool to room temp Pour over cake

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