Are 3D Tv's a Fad? Should I Get a 50" LED TV Or a 40" 3D TV? (Same Price)?

It just depends on how much you like 3d. If you end up buying a 2d only tv only wishing you could watch stuff in 3d then you are going to have a problem. If it does not really matter to you then just get a 2d tv. You will have plenty of 2d content to watch over the next few years on cable.


Forget Plasma to many issues

2. Turn off the internal speaker on my Seiki LED TV?

Just turn volume all the way down

3. Can any one sugget me which home theartor will support my panasonic 42 inch led tv and my budget is 10k-12k ?

A lot depends on how large a room you have how many seating positions how close you sit to the speakers how much space you have set aside for equipment and speakers; but I would take a look at AV systems by Emotivia, Marantz or possably NAD for speakers depending on how large you need and want... Bowers and Wilkins; Totem Acoustics; Usher Audio; Revel about an Oppo Blu ray Player

4. If we connect pc to 32led tv there is any problem to tv or efects the picture clarity?

Hi, No the picture quality should be very good, however in order to read text better like this writing for instance, I recommend turning the sharpness down to the lowest otherwise you will have a hard time trying to read it. I play games through on my 42" LG TV and people are shocked at how much better the graphics are in comparison to the Xbox 360/PS3 versions of the same games.

5. Hisense LED TV power problem!?

push POWER button on tv.......bad remote

6. I bought a new LED TV to be used as a monitor?

I am not sure about the resolution, try some differnt settings. Yes you can mount it on the wall

7. my lg led tv has all kinds of horizontal bars of different colors srolling up, what's causing this? it's new!?

Bad LED panel. If you've had it less than 30 days take it back

8. How do I get through airport customs with LED TV in India. How's duty value calculated? Has any one dealt with in person?

There is no escape to paying duty. It is calculated based on the invoice value of the tv. The best way is to buy a TV at a discount sale so that the duty value is low. The process is like this: At the customs point enter the red channel. Submit the invoice and they will ask you for 35% of the value of the TV in INR. Pay it and take the reciept

9. I have a LED TV which is the best option for me to be able to watch local TV w/o cable or satellite based TV?

Chromekey just opens you up to some free content and for-pay content (Netflix, HuluPlus, AmazonOnDemand, etc) You might be able to use an antenna. But indoor vs outdoor? You need to check first. It will show you a map of where the TV towers are around your home and what stations you might get with an indoor vs outdoor antenna. If you decide to go with an antenna - Wineguard and ChannelMaster are respected names. Hope this helps.

10. I just purchased a new 42 LG LED TV from, which had a slight damage. Which resolution sounds best?

If the tv works perfectly and the damage is only cosmetic, I would take the $150. If the damage has any effect on the tv picture, then return it, tell the seller you will put it into the exchanged tv's box when you get it and send it back that way

11. what is the difference between LCD &led tv which is better& what is HD & HD ready tv?

Both LCD and LED TV's are rather similar except for backlighting techniques. They both have slow response causing a lag or blurr on fast moving action.!! That is why if you want 40 inches of TV or more, get a PLASMA. (Plasma also has a very wide viewing angles off center unlike LCD or LED.)..The only thing good about an LED is it is THIN.....Eech.. No burn in anymore, excellent colors. The lifespan of a plasma is as good or better than LED or LCD also.

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On January 10, according to foreign media reports, Jeong Ho Young, CEO of LG display, who took office last September, recently promised that their supply of large-size OLED TV panels will double this year to about 6 million pieces.LG shows that the increase in the supply of OLED TV panels is due to the global oversupply of LCD TV panels and the decline in prices. LG shows that it has continued to lose money in the first three quarters of last year and is expected to achieve a record operating loss of 1 trillion won in 2019.In the three quarter of last year, LG began to adjust the management and business of LG. Zheng Haoyong, who was originally LG chemical CEO, transferred to LG in September last year and became CEO.From the current situation, Zheng Haoyong, the new CEO, hopes to improve the company's financial situation by expanding the production and sales of OLED panels. They have begun to shift their focus from LCD panels to OLED panels. The large-size OLED panels used in TV are one aspect of his hope to expand.Zheng Haoyong promised to double the supply of large-size OLED TV panels from 3.3 million last year to about 6 million this year at a press release before the 2020 International Consumer Electronics Exhibition in Las Vegas.In order to achieve the goal of doubling the supply of OLED TV panels this year, Zheng Haoyong revealed that their generation 8.5 plant in Guangzhou will be fully operational by March this year at the latest.While expanding the supply of OLED TV panels, Zheng Haoyong, who shoulders the important task of reversing LG's display performance, is also expanding the use of OLED panels in other fields. At this press conference, he revealed that they plan to expand the sales of OLED panels in the transportation field and supply OLED panels to automobile manufacturers and aircraft manufacturers. These manufacturers also show interest in adopting OLED panels. Zheng Haoyong also revealed at the press conference that they had begun to supply OLED panels to a global automobile manufacturer in January, and the relevant models may be launched in the second quarter of this year.
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