Arduino Motor Shield L293D

Arduino Motor Shield L293D là một phần board mở rộng cho các board arduino, dùng để điều khiển các loại động cơ DC, động cơ bước và động cơ servo. Arduino Motor Shield được thiết kế gọn gàng, đẹp mắt và tương thích hoàn toàn với các board Arduino: arduino uno r3, arduino leonardo, arduino mega2560, giúp bạn có thể sử dụng và điều khiển một cách dễ dàng và nhanh chóng.Arduino Motor Shield sử dụng 2 IC cầu H L293D hoàn chỉnh với các chế độ bảo vệ và 1 IC logic 74HC595 để điều khiển các động cơ. Arduino Motor Shield L293D có thể điều khiển nhiều loại motor khác nhau như step motor, servo motor, motor DC, với mức áp lên đến 36V, dòng tối đa 600mA cho mỗi kênh điều khiể

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Motor driver chip install direction?

From A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier, the rear of the breakout board, is identical to yours:Note the two square pads for the GND, whereas the others are round. Now looking at the top side:and note the position of the square GND pins/pads, in relation to the trim pot.Now look at this hi-res photo of a populated MKS boardAgain, looking at the position of the trim pots, one can see that the A4988 breakout boards need to be oriented such that the side with GND pins need to be nearest to the top of the board. That is to say the GND on the corner of the breakout board, needs to be pointing North East, as it were.Here is a schematic of the MKS 1.4 as well, although it is not much use, from MKS Gen 1.4 circuit and pinouts:

Motor driven cycle legal info?

The first thing you have to figure out is where in the Hell in the world you are. Requirements vary depending on State or Country you are in. Then you can talk to the Department of Motor Vehicles, or whatever government they do titles and registrations about what the requirements for making your own vehicle. Smog laws will be the hard part.

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I love Hendricks Motorsports. Jeff Gordon is my favorite driver and he qualified first. My second favorite driver is Jimmie Johnson and he qualified second. I also want to see Earnhardt win so I am glad that he has a good car this weekend. Not to brag or anything but I find this so funny becuase I have all 4 hendricks driver and Brian Vickers on my ESPN fantasy team so my guys will be starting 1st 2nd 3rd 4th and 9th. Now let's just hope they finish that way. However quliflyong does not mean that much at thi track but hey another pole for Gordon and accomplishment for Hendrick.

3-phase Motor RPM depends on power line frequency?

You have a squirrel cage induction motor. The synchronous speed /$n_S/$ (speed of the magnetic field pulling the rotor) is:$$n_S = /frac 120 fP$$ where f is frequency and P is the number of poles.You have a 2 pole machine, which gives a /$n_S/$ of 3000rpm at 50Hz and 3600rpm at 60Hz.It's an induction machine, because rotor speed n is 97% of /$n_S/$. Slip is 3% at full-load.To answer the question. At 340V, 50Hz, the motor will spin at 2910rpm dependent on the load torque.$$ T / /alpha / V^2$$Torque is proportional to the Voltage squared. 340V is 85% of 400V, so load torque would be approximately 72.3% [/$(85/%)^2/$] of full-load torque at 400V. If the actual load torque was greater than this, the motor speed would slow down to drive the load. Slip would increase.Edit...Torque ReferenceRed line is load torque. Motor will slow down until it is capable of driving load.

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Open nearest garbage receptacle and place into said container. 49cc is not a Motor's a moped.

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Huh? Ford Motor did not take a dime because they had good managers at the helm who made good decisions. So what does that have to do with President Obama? next...

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Motorcycle license Registration Insurance Inspection every year.

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There can be a couple of reasons..1: Is the fuel pump working?2: Is the electronic circuit OK ? e.g. Ground wires.. positives.. negatives.. A good way to check could be when you try to crank, do the lights fade? flicker? anything?3: Checking that voltage is coming through to the starter motor as well will tell you if it is actually getting there.4: An often overlooked thing could be is your kill switch working ? 5: Some bikes wont start if the clutch is not pulled in, try checking the relay switch if this is required for your bike.

Question about USMC Motor T MOS's?

1. Depends on the unit. As a Motor T operator you can be stationed with any ground unit and some air wing units. 2. It depends. A buddy of mine who's in motor-t did not see jack squat in Iraq. No vehicles in his convoy even hit an IED. 3. It depends but within 2-4 yrs you can pick up Cpl. 4. PM vehicles, conduct repairs (if you are an mechanic), operate tactical recovery vehicles (if you are qualified), conduct training and licencing, ordering spare parts.

Msp430 Launchpad Using Motor to Control Motor

That "d *= 9999..." looks suspicious. That many nines times 9000 is 0xE100 3B28 D927 DCD8 hex - 64 bits. I do not know what sizeof(unsigned long int) * CHAR_BIT evaluates to on MSP430 but on most systems it's 32. In other words it would be overflowing the variable. So assuming an unsigned long int is 32 bits, the value your code is using is D927 DCD8.Are you getting a compiler warning about truncation?A good way to experiment with delay loops is with a binary search. Start the value off at 0x1. That wo not work (of course), so move to 0x2, 0x4, 0x6, 0x10... each value double the prior. If it's too slow, back off and start setting lower order bits but from the top down. Once you hit 0x8000 0000 (again assuming a 32-bit long) you only get one more doubling if you set every lower-order bit, so unless you are close you need to think about using two delays (nested loop).

How to winterize my 75 HP Mercury Outboard Motor?

Winterize Outboard Motor

You know who makes Motorcraft Motor Oils?

It depends on who the lowest bidder was that particular quarter. Ford does not actually make it's own oil. Neither does any car company for that matter.

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I would go with General Motors, just because I prefer their current model and engine lineup. Fords tend to have nicer interiors, but the cars themselves are a bit staid and boring, and their engineering lacks imagination. Ford's blind adoption of overhead cams in their entire engine lineup is a good example of how they do not really want to do anything unique, just whatever the rest of the world is doing instead. Both brands last well, according to J.D. Power, but Ford strikes me as the American Toyota....well-built cars for people who just do not have a passion for cars.

Attaining Generator and Motor action?

For generator action: 1. Magnetic field (either by a permanent magnet or from an electromagnet) 2. Current carrying conductor 3. Rotation of the armature/rotor i.e. the mechanical energy (this can be done by an Engine or Prime mover of any sort) Motoring Action: 1. Electric power 2. Magnetic field (either by a permanent magnet or from an electromagnet) 3. Current carrying conductor

Motorcycle help? '03 Suzuki SV650 Motor Issues?

Spark plug and/ or spark plug cap has not come loose from hitting the pothole has it? It could be fuel flow, but first of all I would check the simple things like I have said above

Smoking Motor Drive parts

It seems to be under-designed. The Motor has a TBD DCR (to be determined DC resistance) spec and the inertial kinetic energy is TBD, therefore, the amount of energy that must be dumped depends on RdsOn and the time to absorb the kinetic energy in the winding and switch loss.If NFET RdsOn is 0.045Ω approx and PFET maybe 50% higher ( est.) then the power consumed in the FET for braking is much higher as the NFET has much more time to build up kinetic energy while the brake shorts out all motors back EMF with the kinetic energy now the driving force. /$Pd=12V^2/(DCRR_dsO_n)/$ for some duration determined by Force, mass and deacceleration . The 12V BEMF of 12V drops with speed to 0. This can be simplified but, not at this moment. Unless there is current limiting with external brake dummy load of X milliOhms or a PFET rated for 10x the motor rated current resulting in an RdsOn much lower than the NFET that acts as a low side switch to drive the motor over a longer period of time, the PFET will always get hotter.Of course, heat increases the RdsON and this can lead to thermal runaway in a brake FET. pfft. THus adequate power dissipation and thermal resistance calculations are needed to ensure it does not overheat. Without any details requested, for Kinetic energy, motor DCR and Rja thermal resistance, no design can be done properly.Naturally, there must be deadtime and duty factor considered in the rep. rate of these alternate seeks and perhaps temperature sensors to protect the design from failure ( and smoking parts )p. s. Cn you learn to draw like the rest of the world with Positive Voltage supplies above 0V

Did you know an American-Made Electric Car is Motor Trend's "Car of the Year"?

ok....just like the Jeep Grand Cherokee was a few years ago (when Jeep spent millions in advertising dollars with Motor Trend).. Just a few months later they had to retract the award after the Cherokee was found to have numerous quality issues

Problem testing a DC Motor Controller

In the comments you link to a picture with these voltage measurements:-Motor off: Q3 Vbe = -0.656VQ2 Vbe = 9.12V, Vce = 9.10V, Vbc = -0.0612VPin1 GND = 0.62VQ3 is turned on because Q2 is pulling current through R4 and R6 to ground. But Q2 should be off, and even if turned on its Vbe should only be 0. 7V. The high Vbe suggests that Q2's Base-Emitter junction is either open-circuit or incorrectly wired, and the low Vcb suggests either a short circuit (leads touching?) or saturated Collector-Emitter junction (wrong transistor?). Here are the pinouts for a 2N2222A:-Your breadboard photos are not clear enough see where exactly where the leads are going, but it looks like Q2's Base and Collector are swapped around. Also I cannot see the part number. Are you sure it is a 2N2222A? If all this is correct then the transistor must be faulty.

Stepper Motor for Prusa i3

Awful answer, I know, but it depends... on where you are going to employ them:If they are for use in translating movement of the axes, then the weights of:will all come into play - amongst many other things.With a torque of just 32 N • cm1, they seem, at first glance, to be a little underpowered - a torque of 44 N • cm (4.5 kg·cm) is the recommended minimum. Also, the current, of 1.2 A, seems to be a tad on the low side, 1. 5 - 1. 8 A is recommended. There are some great resources on the RepRapWiki. See:The minimum (recommended) specifications, for a Nema 17 stepper motor, are:You may be able to get yours to work, but is it worth the hassle, just to save a few quid? Best to get the recommended, and most popular steppers, which are:Obviously, you do not have to use one of these three motors - other stepper motors can be used. On the Nema 17 Stepper motor link, above, there is a table of a number of stepper motors, of various makes and models, that have been proven to work. Motors, a thread on the RepRap forums - specifically for the Prusa Mendel v2, so not entirely related to the i3, as the steppers for the z-axis are less than those for the x and y axes, but it is a good informative read nevertheless.1 I assume that you actually mean either 32 N • cm, or 3.2 kg • cm

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