Anyone Know Where I Can Get a Used Fuel Injector for a 87-90 4.0 Litter?

A 4.0 Litter? Not sure about that one, but you can possibly find one at a local salvage yard. But, beware it may not work or be even worse than the one you are replacing. Call or check around at your local auto part stores. Not just the "box" stores. Locally owned stores usually have lower prices that Auto Joke or Advance Auto Joke where the employees know nothing more than what the computer shows them

1. Can spark plugs cause a blinking check engine light?

Yup, when the check engine is blinking, that means that the engine is actively misfiring. It could be an iginition coil, fuel injector as well. The reason why the light blinks is because the computer system is trying to save the catalytic converter(s) from being overheated from the unburnt air/fuel mixture from the misfires. Its basically a "this is an emergency, and needs to be fixed now"

2. What are S.I. and C.I. engines?

They are both different engines in which S.I indiacte spark ignition engines and C.I indicate compression ignition engines. In s.i engines we use spark plugs and the compression ratios vary from 8-12 Pascal's where as in case of C.I engines we use fuel injector and the compression ratios are 16-22 Pascal's. In si engines we use petrol and gasoline as fuels and in ci engines we use diesel as fuel. We do not use spark plugs in ci engines because when compressed with high pressure diesel reaches it's auto ignition temperature where as petrol can not reach that temperature so we have to use spark plugs there.What are S.I. and C.I. engines?

3. Can fuel injector cleaner cause your check engine light to come on?

It is possible it set off the O2 sensor. Most likely you left the gas cap loose and that set the light off

4. Could you implement cylinder deactivation into an older car that has 8 cylinders? Couldnu2019t you just switch off the fuel injector and spark plug and effectively get a dead/deactivated cylinder? Assuming this is done in pairs?

No. Cylinder deactivation has a special lifter installed on 4 of the cylinders. When active it stops the intake valve from opening otherwise your left compressing and pumping air in those dead cylindersIn my opinion it virtually useless anyway. Most people want it turned off. It's also been linked to oil consumption problems, and aerates the oil. This special lifter has no check ball in it. Control of whether it operates the pushrod is via a oil channel that runs to the valley pan. Inside that are 4 solenoids that decide whether that lifer holds its oil and forces the pushrod or allows the oil to escape out a dump channel.

5. How much would it cost to change a fuel injector that is stuck on a 94 mustang?

Injectors for the that car are usually around $45-65 a piece aftermarket so distributor cap is around $20-30 for the part. The labor that varies you could do it yourself the hardest part would be the injectors you need to be careful doing this relieve the fuel pressure and remove the intake manifold and fuel rails. the cap is two screws just have to put the wires on the new cap from the old cap in the same spot then install the new cap this way you do not mess up the firing order. Good luck.

6. How can i tell if my fuel injector seals are leaking?

You need to join one of the Mercedes forums and do a search there. Plenty of information re injector seals and detailed instructions on how to renew, you usually end up with loads of black gunge (carbon and oil) which must be removed before replacing the seals or they will just leak again

7. engine code says fuel injector circuit open. How do I fix this?

What a carb in a 2000 civic??Naa ,possibly the MAF sensor or MAP sensor could be faulty or loose,what they do is measure the amount of air that enters the engine and calculates how much fuel is need to be injecte.d to compensate for the air

8. Is the fuel injector cleaning at the quick lube places worth it?

Ahhh, a fellow rotor head. Anyways, yeah it can be. If it is a 3-part system, and your engine is gunked up, it wont hurt. Just be prepared to get the check engine light cleared. Sometimes it will be tripped by a misfire code because of the extreme crazyiness cause in the burn by the chemicals. No harm, just a light. ET

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