Any Problems with Removing the Cat and Muffler and Just Running 4" Staight Pipe on My 06 Cummins?

no problems except if you have emissions requirements in your area. it is technically illegal to remove the cat or muffler on a diesel but everyone does it. the 06 did not have any o2 sensors to worry about when removing the cat. if you have a pyrometer to monitor exhaust temps you will notice a decent reduction in temps under a load, and it will sound cool

1. What Muffler Should I Get To Replace Current Greddy Evo2?

Mufflers fall apart, thats the way it is. If you got the money go for another greddy. And that metal shavings thing you said is impossible since exhausts only blow out exhaust they dont suck in anything

2. what would putting on a better muffler/ tail pipe system do to ur speed of your car?

It will allow your motor s exhaust fumes to escape faster,giving you a couple extra horsepower,and taking a little bit away from your overall gas milage

3. It used to be that a loud exhaust rumble meant a higher performance engine due to less muffler restriction. Nowadays, they program in exhaust sound regardless of performance, even through the audio speakers. Why?

Purely for the ego of the owner/driver IMO.This is very real tho'

4. Changed muffler, now car has idle issues... help!?

either the cost of the idle throttle position sensor (TPS), or a vaccum leak

5. Will an axle back performance exhast with a 4" muffler (Nameless brand) affect the ECU or anything else on a stock 2017 Subaru Legacy 2.5i?

Boxer engines are of the "flat" design. Subarus use the Boxer or "flat" engine design. Perhaps some study and reading is required.

6. Can I simply take off the catback exhaust, muffler off my wrx?

What year is your Subaru? If it still under warraty leave it. Any modifications will void the warranty. Trust me I've seen it many times. If you do change the exhaust the check engine light will remain on.

7. Why would what appears to be water be leaking from your muffler

That's exactly what it is, water. The products of combustion are water and carbon dioxide. While the exhaust stays hot the water comes out as high temperature steam, usually you do not even notice it. When the exhaust pipe and/or outside temperature is cold enough the exhaust will cool and some of the water vapor will condense into steam and possibly even water that drips from a weep hole in the muffler. If you are seeing a little water drip from the muffler, everything is working as designed.

8. difference between muffler and exhaust system?

adding just the mufflers is exactly what it sounds like,all your doing is changing mufflers if you get the complete exhaust system on it your changing everything,and that will help it more than just changing mufflers,it cost more but there's a good reason for it,your getting all new pipes and mufflers,and its better to do it that way the mufflers work better when they have the pipes to match them,and it will also run and perform a lot better than just adding mufflers to it,good luck

9. Can you make a muffler that suppresses all noise from an engine without considerably diminishing performance?

No.But you can make several of them that have little effect on engine performance but a considerable effect on sound, attach several of them into the exhaust along with some other emission reducing parts and you get virtually no sound from the tip of the exhaust.Oh and by the way, it's already been done, it's called Euro 6 and it do not exactly hinder peak power output, but it makes the engine as dull as a redneck whose parents share the same surname

10. Why does my 1992 Toyota Celica muffler whistle on accelleration?

Partial blockage in muffler- replace it

11. how can i make black smoke come out of my exhaust i already removed the cat and i got a ricer muffler?

get a deisel

12. white smoke coming from my muffler?

engine is cold and the gas has been sitting there causing the smell

13. where can i find a reliable place to get my muffler/exhaust system fixed?

Have you EVER heard of GOOGLE? There are many choices... MIDAS, Meineke, as well as many local shops around you. Have you asked your friends and associates who they use for auto repairs? Look in your local phone book. Expect to pay $100 and up for a muffler replacement, and warranties vary. You do not have to make this harder than it is....or you can do it yourself.

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