ABM Or Drone Pilot and Why?

drones have no pilots. drones are male bees who have the single purpose of get their brainz fvcked out of their heads and have their genitals ripped from their abdomen by the bee queen and die with the onset of autumn cold weather. anyways, unmanned aerial vehicles have no pilots.. just operators.

1. What are the most interesting drone startups in 2018?

Great Questions! I was just reading this the other day! Here you go!17 Drone Startups to look out for in 2018Cheers!

2. How would a drone work in centrifugal force generated "gravity”?

In the general case it really depends how big the station is, and what sort of flying you want to do.If the drone really does stay at an insignificant height off the ground then your gut is right, no need to account for any of the other effects of rotation. These only come in as you move up and down. If you move 1% of the radius you gain 1% of the rotational velocity. There is a slight caveat that if you accelerate hard up and down in that small flight corridor, there will be quite large accelerations in the 'east' direction.However gentle upwards drifts would be well with in the range of errors that drones already have to deal with. Note drones do not do projectile style calculations, they rely on observing changes and making corrections. just like human pilots. It's helpful to know roughly what to expect you will need to do in advance, but mostly the control systems are short term and place most weight on 'whats observations say is happening' over 'what would I predict to happen given current settings and location and speed etc. Most of this comes from the need to accommodate much larger errors like wind, sensor orientation and calibration, etc. But if you need further convincing that drones already need to deal with this sort of thing, just google the differences in gravitational accleration here in Earth.Also by that time there will be AI flying drones anyway so... just let them figure it out!

3. should president obama authorize drone strikes on the tea party movement?

i would like to see a drone strike on that interfering Chinese ship ... forget the tea party people

4. Why is it immoral to waterboard a terrorist, but ok to kill them in a drone strike?

Neither rate very high on my list, but once you kill them they are dead. How many times did we waterboard that one guy in a month? 187? That just seems gratuitous

5. Iran Unveils Long Range Advanced Drone?

is iran the srongest muslim country now? nobody questions the US when they build their weapons so whats their problem?

6. Who invented the drone and in which year?

The first unmanned heavier than air aircraft was the Kettering Bug, which first flew on October 2nd, 1918. A forerunner of modern day cruise missiles, it would take off and fly along a pre "programmed" route. It used gyroscopes and a timing gear on the engine to fly straight for a predetermined amount of time before popping the wings off and diving into the ground with it's 180 lb warhead, up to 75 miles from it's launch point. It was never used in combat due to worries about it's reliability when carrying explosives over allied troops. The total cost of each aircraft was $400, and it weighed only 350 lbs plus it's payload.While it was never used, it definitely flew, and is a pretty cool achievement, considering the first manned flight was only fifteen years earlier. Who invented the drone and in which year?

7. do drone pilots get combat pay?

No. US military Imminent danger (combat) pay is awarded to personel physically assigned or deployed to a combat zone. Drones are flown via remote satellite links from very safe locations

8. Since we can drone American citizens who are accused of treason without any due process, can we start to drone?

Democrats wanted Stateside trials only for terrorists who had already been captured, because they would been kept sitting for 6 years with no charges being filed in violation of Geneva rules we expect to be followed for OUR GUYS. They supported every single drone killing of a major terrorist since the war started - please turn off Fox News, for God sakes look what they've done to you!

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