2011 Dodge Caliber Heater Core Leak?

Make the dealer fix it. You have to pull the whole dash. Costs will run upward of $500.00

1. jiffy lube did a radiator flush now i have a heater core leak - any connection?

yeap, but I wo not blame them.heater coil spoil very often.

2. in a newer car does the heater core leak in the floor board or does it leak outsid the car?

It will leak to the inside of the car, usually through the floor vents. You will see fluid coming out where only air should be coming out. Smell it. If it smells sweet it coolant. Also, you can touch the fluid to your tongue. If it tastes sweet. Coolant. Then the fun starts. ..removing it for replacement.

3. 1995 Pontiac Gran Am heater core leak, how much will this cost and am I at risk for breathing antifreeze?

i do know your at risk breathing it

4. My car is overheating and there is no heat inside? What could be the problem?

Thermostate, or heater core leak. First, check coolant level, next look for leaks

5. 95 Ford Contour, blower motor or heater core leak?

I think that the best thing to do is to start on the engine and start eliminating part after part to see if there would be something that may make you think that it is not normal. Try using by elimination

6. I have a heater core leak and the car overheats but the coolant reservoir is full. Could bypassing it help?.?

It would help.....hope you do not live in a cold climate though

7. Our car has a heater core leak, any way to minimize the steam while we get it someplace to have it looked at?

a quick temporary fix is to go into the engine compartment, and find the hoses that provide hot water to the heater/ They are held on by clamps. Take a flat bladed screwdriver and remove one hose from where it connects to the Passenger compartment. Remove the other hose where it connects to the engine. Then connect the hose end that connected to the engine compartment to the engine. Be sure the connection is tight. That is a quick fix that will last until the car can be fixed. But you will not have any heat in the Passenger compartment

8. I have a heater core leak in 94 cadi. Clamped off the hoses to and from the heater core but still leaking?

unplug both hoses from the heater core,then take the hose hooked to the water pump off of the water pump and hook the end of the other hose up to the water pump.if the hose is not long enough then take both hoses off heater core like i said before then get a small piece of metal tubing and stick it in the end of one hose and connect both hoses together with hose clamps.this completes the system for circulation bypassing the heater core,no heater but no engine overheating either.

9. How to correct heater core leak for 1994 Pontiac Grand AM?

i've replaced the heater cores in 3 autos and its a real pain in the pa-toot. 1st) double check to make the leak is coming from the core and not a loose or damaged hose. 2nd) try a radiator anti-leak additive (get it at autozone,checker,wal-mart). 3rd) do you have air conditioning? if you do, the work just got way worse because you have to deal with the air conditioning core also. GOOD LUCK!!!

10. my 2007 nissan frontier heater core leak to inside passenger side floor?

under warranty till this year for bumper to bumper or 2 year for power-train so take it to the dealer if you have low miles they will fix it

11. 2011 Dodge caliber Heater Core Leak?

We never want our customers to have problems with their vehicles but in case you do that is why you have a warranty. Lisa Customer Care Chrysler Group LLC

12. Do i have a heater core leak or a rear intake manifold leak?

Based on your description, it is most likely the intake manifold gasket. It's about 4 hours work to replace both upper and lower gaskets. The lower one is probably the one leaking. The first poster gave a lot of good advice too. One thing, if you are going to the trouble to replace the heater core, if you decide that's what it is, get a new one. A salvage one as suggested by the other poster is a dumb idea. How long before it leaks? Most heater cores are not expensive. Also it is 8.9 hours to replace the heater core. Do you really want to spend that kind of time with a used part, especially a used part that probably took four hours to get out then 9 hours to replace in your vehicle only to have it leak in 6 months?

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